Review of Perfect North Slopes Snow Tubing

In January, my family and I went up to Perfect North Slopes in Indiana to go tubing. We had never been before, but the website provided a lot of information, the signage made it very clear where to go, and the staff was super helpful and friendly.
Upon arrival we went to the “Ticket Sales” building and purchased our tickets (we filled out the waivers online before going to save time). You can purchase 2 hour or 3 hour tubing tickets.I recommend the three hour ticket so you don’t feel pressured for time. For only $5 more, the third hour allows extra time which is helpful if it gets crowded (bigger crowds equal more wait time) or if you decide to stop and rest by the warm fire or go inside for a snack.
Next we went over to the area marked “Snow Tube Pick Up” where a really helpful staff member gave us our tubes, some advice for the best tubing experience and rules on linking (holding each other’s tubes to go down the slope in a group – some areas can link up to 5 tubes, some can link up to 24 tubes!). It is one person per tube, no double riders, but you can always link with a younger tube rider to go down the slope together. We saw a three year old that was having a blast!

We then headed to the Magic Carpet. There are two moving, uphill conveyor belts that you stand on with your tube to get to the top of the
three tubing slopes (the day we went only one of the Magic Carpets was open which increased the line time). The slopes are close together, but they are different heights and slope angles, and have different linking rules. There are several lanes for tubing on each slope and the lanes are concave, so your tube can’t cross over into other lanes. The slopes end in an area of tiny gravel to slow you down. It’s fun to see how far you can go in the gravel area.
For lower crowds, we went on a weekday which was a teacher in service day for our school district. It had also rained that morning so that also reduced the crowd. Going at a less popular time is good because the crowds are the only drawback to tubing. The Magic Carpet goes a slow speed to get everyone to the top of the hill, and you need to wait until the tuber before you gets to the pebble area at the end of the slope lane before you can begin tubing down the slope. As the day went on more people came arrived at the slopes it took longer and longer between rides down the hill. On a busy day, I could easily see only getting in 3 rides an hour with the wait time.
After tubing, we headed into the town of Lawrenceburg. It is a cute, old-fashioned town with many options for food. We ate at a brick pizza oven restaurant, Strong’s Pizzeria, which everyone in our group LOVED. After lunch, we headed to the waterfront area which has a nice view of the river and statues to check out. We didn’t go to the Hollywood Casino in Lawrenceburg or the nearby Creation Museum, but there are certainly enough things in the area to do to fill up a day or a weekend. We’re looking forward to heading back again soon!
Tubing Tips:
-Wear what you would wear sledding
-Wear ski goggles or sunglasses so you aren’t afraid to open your eyes down the slopes
-Go on a weekday for shorter lines
-Go early; the later start time = longer lines and less tubing.
-Use their bathroom before you buy the ticket – the ticket starts counting down your time as soon as you buy it.
-Bring your own food and drinks so you don’t have to purchase food on site.
-Eat a big meal before you go so you can get through your 2 or 3 hour tube time without needing to stop to eat.
-For opening date, hours of operation and slope conditions, visit
By Guest Contributor: Caryn
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