Snapology of Louisville


Snapology of Louisville combines LEGO bricks and technology for fun that is educational!

Snapology of Louisville

At Snapology of Louisville, we like to say that students have so much fun in our programs, they don’t even realize they’re learning. Combining LEGO bricks and technology creates an amazing environment for children to develop academically and socially, and all while having FUN!

Here are five reasons why parents love Snapology:

1. Each program is designed to achieve specific academic enrichment and social development objectives, while emphasizing playful, hands-on learning.

2. We offer professionally developed, inclusive and kid-tested programs for ages 1-14 –
including the latest in robotics and coding, STEM / STEAM and animation.

3. Our teachers are experienced in the local community; all have undergone full background checks; and all love working with children!

4. Our events are held at convenient locations in and around Louisville, and full-day programs offer early drop-off, lunch stay and late pick-up at no additional cost.

5. Their children love Snapology! It’s incredibly rewarding to witness how engaged students are during our programs and how excited they are while discussing their accomplishments with their parent(s).


If you are a parent and/or an educator, Snapology has a program to meet your needs. Here are some areas we are currently involved in:

  • Spring & Summer camps
  • Scouting events
  • After-school enrichment
  • Field trips
  • PTA support
  • Birthday parties
  • Date nights / play dates
  • Anti-bullying programs
  • Libraries
  • Custom events

For more information, including recommendations, please call us at 502-443-0285, or visit us online at

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