Los Monitos Language and Spy Camps


Internationally-Themed Summer Camps for Every Interest!

To be updated for 2021

(2020- planning on camps, waiting on guidance from the state)

Ages 6-12, 9AM-4PM

Cooking Camps

Chefs work together to create regional recipes that may already be favorites or new to their palettes! They will enjoy the fruits of the work, while learning about the language and culture of the countries being showcased!  Many new recipes this year! 

Spanish Cooking, June 15–19

Asian Cooking (China, Japan, India, Russia, Middle East), July 6-10

European Cooking (France, Germany, Italy, Hungary and Spain), July 13-17

French Cooking, July 20-24

Italian Cooking, July 27-31



Los Artistas, June 22–26

Campers build their gallery of Latin America arts and Spanish language.


Los Piratas – Pirate Adventure!, June 29-July 3

Young piratas will explore Latin American culture and geography in Spanish as they virtually travel the Seas in search for tesoro.


Le Film Français – International Movie Makers, July 13-17

This exciting multimedia camp simulates the world of French filmmaking while exposing campers to the French language. By the end, campers will have proudly contributed to a cinematic masterpiece in front of and behind the camera!

GNN Global Broadcasters, July 6-10

This multimedia camp thrusts the campers into the current events around the globe.  They learn about language, culture, and geography through their live reporting!


International Spy Camps

ASIA, June 22-26 / CIRCLE THE GLOBE, July 20-24 / EUROPE, July 27-31

Recruits embark on new missions to regions around the world including Asia, Europe, Africa, and South America while learning spy craft, local languages, cultures, and geography!

503 Washburn Avenue, Louisville, Kentucky

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