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Who has drop-in child care when school’s out?

school's out camp drop-in child care


Who offers school’s out camp? This has become a question that we get often and we find that more and more businesses are opening up for drop-in child care or camp when school is called off for a snow day or like in 2018, 2019, teacher protests.

Where can you send your child for school’s out camp if you have to work or have other obligations and these days pop up?

Here are links to places that offer these services. Many times, they don’t have these actually listed on their website because they occur last minute. But, typically, they post on their Facebook pages so we are directing you there!

Again, these are for kids that are not already enrolled in a program like CEP.

Hwang’s Martial Arts – typically 7:30am-6pm. Pack lunch and 2 snacks.

Camp J – Typically 9am – 4pm. Register here.

Kentucky Science Center – Grades preK-6. 10am – 5pm. Registration here.

All About Kids – Both locations. School’s Out Day Camp typically 9am – 5pm

AMPED Louisville – They are not a certified child care service but they do open their doors to kids with some specific requirements, like an older sibling. And, when they do have school’s out camp, it’s free.

We hope you find a school’s out camp that works for you!

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