Chalk Your Walk Challenge


We are challenging you to Chalk Your Walk with positive messages, fun pictures, jokes, or whatever you think might brighten someone’s day. Post your work to social media and tag it #chalkyourwalk. 


Chalk your walk

We all need our day to be brighten up a little during our self-quartering. Going for walks is something we are being encouraged to do, so why not make it a little brighter? Take a bucket of sidewalk chalk with you and get creative. We have put some ideas below.


Check out this AMAZING Sidewalk Chalk Paint recipe!


Chalk Your Walk Ideas

  • Write out a joke one day and the punch line the next. knock knock joke
  • A bouquet of flowers
  • A rainbow
  • Write a positive message
  • Create a riddle – leave some chalk behind for people to guess that answer
  • Put a different activity on each sidewalk square, like do 5 jumping jacks, hop in place on one foot,  or spin in 3 circles.


chalk your walkThese are just a few ideas and I know you all will come up with more. We want to see them so don’t forget to tag Chalk Your Walk with #chalkyourwalk. 


We cannot take credit for this idea. It originated from The Joy Team in 2011 and we think this is the time to bring it to Louisville. 




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