Clifty Falls State Park


Clifty Falls State Park

This post about Clifty Falls State Park is a few years old. Some of the information may have changed. And, events may not take place in spring/summer 2020. 

Clifty Falls State Park is northeast of Louisville near Madison, IN. It is about a 90 minute drive, so it makes for a nice day trip for some hiking. There are four falls at the park, but do to the dry weather, they were just trickles. However, it was very scenic with bouldered canyons to see. Trails give you views from top of canyon as well as the bottom. There are several hikes from easy to rugged and one even goes in the creek bed. In a rainy year, you would definitely be getting your shoes wet while hiking.  They do have a cave, but it is closed for now to protect the bats. They also have a playground with some picnic tables around it. The playground had a wooden climbing structure and two swings. You do have to pay to get into the park ($5 in-state, $7 out-of-state).

They do have many events, so check before you go and plan to attend one of their events!

Its website gives additional facilities available such as camping and the nature center. I would definitely check this park out if you are looking for some hiking and picnicking for the day.  You might want to visit it while Madison is hosting one of its special events such as Chautauqua of the Arts in September or Regatta hydroplane race in July. 


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