Easy Bread Recipes


Easy Bread recipes using very few ingredients

easy bread recipes

Do you need more bread but can’t find any in the stores or don’t want to go shopping during this social distancing period? We have a few bread recipes to share.

These easy bread recipes do not require many ingredients. Who knows what you have in your pantry or fridge but maybe you have the ingredients to make some of these! Involve the kids and it can be a find activity for them, many kids don’t engage in actually making bread.

Flat Bread

If you are looking for a flat bread for pizzas or folded sandwiches, I found a great recipe on Facebook you can see below. The recipe is for Navajo Flatbread and only requires 5 ingredients that seem pretty common to have on hand:

2 cups flour
1 – 1 1/4cup of lukewarm water
1 table spoon baking soda
1 tsp kosher salt
1 table spoon oil/butter/shortening

See the rest of the recipe via the post!


I make these ALL THE TIME and everyone is always asking me for the recipe. I didn’t make it up! This easy bread recipe for bagels also works well as a pizza crust, for rolls, making Stromboli or anything really. It is really great for bagels and I make big batches, let them cool, slice them and freeze them.

Also, I stopped topping them before baking because the toppings would mostly fall off when I freeze them. I put the toppings on the cream cheese now when I eat them! 

I don’t know if you will have all of these ingredients on hand! However, they aren’t very popular for people to stockpile so possibly, they are available at the store. Follow the Skinny Taste recipe, go for it. 

You will need:

Self-rising flour

Non-fat, plain Greek yogurt

Also, I have done a 25% whole wheat, 75% self-rising flour with success. I like having the whole wheat in there!

No-yeast Bread

Don’t have yeast on hand? No problem! This easy bread recipe calls for just five ingredients and none of them are yeast. If you want a circular loaf, you can form your dough that way. When your family needs sandwich slices, you can make a longer loaf. Shape the dough how you want and then slice it or to serve with soup or dinner. 

You will need:

1lb Self-Raising Flour 

2ozs Margarine 

1/2 pint Milk


Click here for the recipe

Crock Pot Bread

What? You have yeast on hand? Well, good, you can make crock pot bread. In about 2-3 hours, you will have fresh bread from an easy bread recipe. Can you imagine how good your home will smell? Click here for the recipe.

You will need:

1 envelope active dry yeast

1 tbsp. sugar

1 1/2 c. luke-warm water

3 1/2 c. all-purpose flour

2 tbsp. extra-virgin olive oil

1 tsp. kosher salt


Never mind, thinking you want to carry out? Here’s a list of restaurants in Louisville offerings kids eat free and/or specials during social distancing.

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