Spring Light Show


A safe way to get out of the house is to stay in the car! This spring light show provides entertainment safely. 

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So many people have been asking for ways to get out of the house and just LOOK at something. Take the kids for a drive and see what they can see. Now is your chance!

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Blue’s Light Show is a new-ish holiday light show that decided they want to bring smiles to everyone’s faces during this really difficult time. Let’s have a spring light show! Parents and kids are cooped up at home, playgrounds are off limits, no movies, no sports or other activities. But, after a couple of weeks, it is difficult to find new ways to keep your family energizes and entertained. Last day is 4/26!

This is such a wonderful thing they are doing because no one has to get out of the car and everyone can keep safe social distance from one another. The show is coordinated with music on the radio so it’s a full sensory experience……ok, except the touching part.  And, it’s totally FREE. These people have taken their time and will pay their increased electric bill for the benefit of families in our community….the smiles and joy it will bring. THANK YOU!

The Blue’s Light Show folks have said “It takes 3+ hours just for 1 song! Very very time consuming, but so worth it when you look outside and see everyone smiling and kids dancing!”  (We will add….dancing in your cars!!)

Here are the details about Blue’s Light Show during this period:

  • The light show starts 3/27/2020 at 8pm! The address is 4602 Glenna Way, Louisville KY 40219
  • Shows run from 8pm to 11pm so it may be less busy if you go a little later. There is no end date set yet. 
  • They will turn on the show/lights everyday except Tuesdays and Wednesdays. 
  • While at the house, tune into 91.3 FM on your radio for coordinated music!
  • All people must remain in their cars. Practice social distancing at ALL TIMES to keep everyone safe. 

4602 Glenna Way, Louisville, Kentucky

Please visit our Social Distancing page for ideas about keeping your kids entertained at home, educational ideas, taking hikes, local markets for shopping and more.

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