Best bubbles: A recipe for unbreakable bubbles


Bubbles are fun for the little ones but can be so much fun for older kids and parents when made with a special twist!

Best bubble recipe

How to make the AMAZING bubbles! Unbreakable bubbles make for a unique play experience. With just three ingredients, you can make bubbles that are so much better than anything that comes in a bottle you would buy.

unbreakable bubble ingredients This three ingredient recipe for unbreakable bubbles is so easy to make and really allows kids to play with them in a different way, catch them and hold them. Here’s how you make these special bubbles.



  • Light Corn Syrup
  • Water
  • Dish soap *should use non-ultra but if that is all you have, we can make it work.

In a large bowl, mix 3 cups of water with 1 cup of dish soap and 1 cup of light corn syrup. If your dish soap is not “ultra” you can use a little less corn syrup and save some!

unbreakable bubbles Try not to stir too much and create foam, we don’t want foam on the top. 

It is best to leave the solution overnight and play with it the next day, but you can use it right away. 

You will also need some soft, washable gloves so dig into your closets!

Dip wands into your mix and start to play. What will happen is the bubbles will float for longer before popping because the corn syrup helps keeps the bubble bonded together. With your gloves, try to allow the bubble to gently land on your glove and you can hold the bubble! It is unbreakable if you are most still with no sudden movements. 

DIY bubble wand

You can try to make your own wands. We used yarn and pencils! We used some thick yarn and pencils to make one! Here’s some guidance on making wands, just adapt it to what you have at home. You can also twist pip cleaners into bubble wands. 

If you find your bubbles are popping quickly and easily, add some more corn syrup.

best bubble recipe If you want to try to bounce your bubbles, try the recipe with glycerin (see video below). If you use glycerin, you can more likely bounce the bubbles in your hand than with corn syrup. But, if you are like me during quarantine, I don’t have glycerin laying around the house! However, I was able to get the corn syrup at the grocery store easily. 


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