Quarantine Time Capsule 2020


Memories are good things to have and a fun way to help remind us of the past is a time capsule. We have created a fun quarantine time capsule workbook and made some suggestions to add in your box. 

Time Capsule

Quarantine is hard! We know this and we are here for you. We have put together a fun activity that the whole family can do together. Our Quarantine Time Capsule is a fun workbook that can be personalized for you. 

Kids working on Time Capsule

Print out this PDF of our Quarantine Time Capsule workbook and have fun filling it out. 

Fill it out, file it away, and pull it out in a few years and remember, we got through this together. 

We made this post in early spring and here we are going into back-to-school time. Yes, it looks like we will be home again. But, we can do hard things. Kids are stronger than we think. Talking to them about what’s going on this year and reflecting on the ups and downs *focus more on the ups* is healthy. 

You will likely find that kids are really able to reflect on all of this deeply. They have interesting perspectives. And, kids need ways to express those feelings and ideas. This activity allows them multiple ways to get their ideas out!

Ideas for your Quarantine Time Capsule:

  • Take an old shoebox and decorate it. Use stickers, pictures from magazines, markers or crayons. 
  • Take photographs and print them out. Add them to your box to remind you of what you looked like during this time. 
  • Add an empty toilet paper roll……..
  • Have you done a fun craft? Put it in the box! You will smile when you see it later.
  • Add in a rainbow, a small stuff animal and a piece of chalk to remind you of all the things people did to bring us together.  
  • Save video conferences to a flash drive and save them in your box. 
  • Family members can each make their own boxes and write letters to each other. Seal them and put them in the box!
  • Choose a date when you are going to open it up in the future.


2020 doesn’t have to be all about what you missed out on. This quarantine time capsule can be able to positive you see in all of this. And, it can be about some funny stuff that will make you laugh now and when you open it back up in the years to come. 

Enjoy working on this project. Want to share what you have been working on? Visit our Facebook page.  

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