Snail Mail Puzzles bring loving messages to friends and family


Looking for a fun way to surprise loved ones and do a project at home with your kids? Create a puzzle for them through the mail!


make your own puzzles

I was looking for a way to connect our family by doing something a little extra than simply mailing a card or picture the children drew for their grandparents. What I came up with was a make your own snail mail puzzle idea that was a big hit!

How did I come up with this snail mail puzzles idea?! My family is spread between Kentucky, South Carolina, and New York. My parents are in South Carolina and have not been able to do their normal visits to see grandchildren play sports, show off their talents in drama, or visit for holidays. I was thinking the kids should use snail mail instead of Facetime because they said they were bored of Facetime and having nothing new to say. I get that. 

Snail mail puzzles were born!



We got to starting some drawings to send and I had an idea! If you are looking to be creative beyond a standard car, this is somethin to do all the time for birthdays, graduations, welcoming new babies, new jobs, just to say HI……anything! 

mail a puzzle

I texted my siblings to share the idea and they loved it so we started right away. Here’s what we did with all of the grandkids to send a special “We miss you” message to their grandparents.

Make Your Own Snail Mail Puzzles


  • Think of a simple message for a special someone with minimal letters but more than say…..five.
  • Next, connect with family or friends to ask them to create letters to make the message. People can be creative with their letters!
  • Assign each person a letter and day to mail their letter and don’t mail them in order! (So for a week, make sure people mail some each day in a jumbled order)
  • Check on everyone to make sure they mailed their letter!
  • When the recipients will get their first letter they will be very confused and probably text the person that mailed it asking questions. Tell people to just tell them to hold on to it and wait………

You will get funny text messages like these:

  • The recipients will get more letters and start to catch on a try to figure it out their snail mail puzzles.
  • When they get them all, they will really feel the love!

snail mail puzzle

snail mail puzzle


happy birthday puzzle


We Miss You

Happy Birthday

Congrats Grad

Welcome Baby

You Rock

I Love You

Proud of You

See You Soon


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