6+ Ways Celebrate Graduation in Louisville


Graduation 2020 will not be as expected. Here are ways to make Graduation in Louisville very special for those graduating!

graduation in Louisville

High school, college, preschool, elementary school – there are so many milestone that make parents proud. Graduating, moving on….let’s celebrate graduates.

It’s graduation in Louisville time…..in this very strange time in our lives. My daughter (pictured above at her preschool graduation) is finishing up elementary school. At their school, there are many celebratory events for in April and May that the kids will miss. In the grand scheme of life, leaving elementary school and moving to middle school is not the biggest of big events in life but it’s still a little sad to think of the hallway parades, special field trips, an big gym ceremony that my son had that she will not. However, let’s think about those big steps from high school to life in the workforce or college, or from college to new jobs or graduate school. These are really big deals for those kids and families. 

Here’s a link to all of the things JCPS is planning for their high school graduates. 

You can still celebrate graduation in Louisville! Pretty soon, small social gatherings will be allowed so if you want to wait until the end of the month, you can celebrate with those closest to you and your child. Until then, we have gathered up some ideas for you!

  • CookieLou has such beautifully decorate cookie boxes you can order and customize for your special graduate. And, starting at just $6!

  •  Test your own baking and decorating skills with the help of Bryant’s Cake & Candy Supplies. They have a variety of things you may need for celebrating your graduation in Louisville. 


    • Have an ice cream sundae party! Liege & Dairy will do curbside or delivery and they have kits for you – they provide everything you need for a celebrate of graduation in Louisville. And, it’s locally made, delicious ice cream in unique flavors. Unique….just like your graduate!

    • Ah, Whatta ‘Bout Mimi brings balloon art to your doorstep. You can order a graduation themed balloon for your steps to tell everyone how proud you are and then bring it inside for a party at home!

    • There are all sorts of customizable or generic signs online that you can purchase but, act fast! Some of these are low quantity or shipping is delayed. Something like what I have linked below would be great for a photo backdrop or a party at home. There are also yard signs you can stake or banners to hang on your front door! 

    • Hire Carly Johnson to come sign for your graduate and family. Listen in on this recent set of songs to see what a powerful, emotional signer she is. This would be such a surprise and something totally special for your graduation celebration! The fee ranges from $125 to $200. 

  • Toni’s Cookie Jar can provide you with oh-so-pretty custom graduation cookies. $18 for 4 beautifully decorated cookies for your graduate!

  • Line Drive Photography is the ones making the personalized signs you see all over town. You can see examples on their Facebook page. You can order the yard signs directly online

    • As seen on WLKY: Krispy Kreme is giving away a free dozen doughnuts to seniors. Kids just have to wear or bring their senior swag to redeem: cap & gown, senior shirts, 2020 class ring or letterman jacket, graduation announcement, senior photo that shows the year etc. 

What else is going on this spring for family fun? We have continued to update everyone on family fun for 2020. Click here for ideas!


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