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LFPL digital resources

The COVID-19 pandemic has kept the Louisville Free Public Library locations closed for over a month, and no set plans have been made to reopen just yet.

Louisville Free Public Library is now open for CURBSIDE SERVICE! The libraries are still closed to in-person visits. However, curbside service is now available at seven locations—Monday through Friday, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Main Library, Southwest, South Central, and Northeast regionals, and Shawnee, Iroquois, and St. Matthews branches. Limited curbside service one day per week at the other 10 locations. Appointment only, be patient with them as they start this new service. 
Please visit THIS LINK to learn more about the process if you would like to use the curbside service at these library locations

Did you know you have access to thousands and thousands of LFPL digital resources and E-services at your fingertips with the simple thing known as your LFPL Library Card?

Once you have a Library Card set up, and you have your password ready to go that is associated with your Library Card, you can access ebooks and downloadable audiobooks, but did you also know you can access so much more than that? These services are not just for kids either; they are valuable and useful for anyone, any age! From ebooks for the elderly to access to Tumblebooks for the very young, everyone can find something to occupy their lifelong learning quest as we continue to navigate this COVID-19 pandemic.
Here’s a basic starting point for ebooks, downloadable audiobooks, emagazines, comic books, online learning tutorials, streaming services through Kanopy, and much more. So many LFPL digital resources!
The basics:
  • You need a LFPL Library card.
  • You need to know your password. If you don’t, you can do a Password Reset and send a link to your email address on file that will allow you to change your password yourself. 
  • You need Libby, which can be found by clicking here through the Overdrive link. Here you will find step by step instructions on how to get started with the Libby app, which is recommended for library users, and others such as Overdrive itself and Sora, which is compatible for most schools. If your student attends a school in Jefferson County, especially JCPS, they have access to the Sora app. 
If you want to listen to downloadable audiobooks, click here. This link will take you to the app RB Digital. 
If you want to read emagazines and comic books, click here. You can also browse many graphic novels through this link as well. 
If you want to stream music for free, click here. What an amazing part of the LFPL digital resources!
Do you want to have access to thousands of free movies that you can stream with the simple use of your library card? Click here 
I would also suggest downloading the LFPL Mobile App (Android users) (Apple users) to your phone or device so you have quick access to all of these services, and you’ll receive the most up to date information about when the Library will be reopening. 
Basically, when you click on any of these links, those app services are going to ask you what your Library is (LOUISVILLE FREE PUBLIC LIBRARY). It will ask you what your Library Card number is, and password, and will want you to register your account to the app service. As long as you have a Library card, you can access these services now. Many restrictions that are in place during business as usual times have been lifted while folks are dealing with COVID-19. 
Here is the link directly related to Kids ebooks and audiobooks
Also free…….
Also, for teens who are continuing to study for ACT and SAT College Prep tests, AP tests, and other learning tutorials, they have access to Learning Express Library here. Once again, teens will need their Library card number and password to create an account by registering first. Here, there is access to Career Preparation, AP Exams, ACT and SAT practice tests, and much more.
Want to explore your own genealogy and ancestry? Click here! It’s been super fun to explore this with my kids as we look up names of great grandparents and great great grandparents. It’s always important to know where your family came from.
One last very interesting Library service that is provided to you for free with your Library is Here you can access over 4000 online tutorials on learning a subject such as technical skills, creative arts, digital content building, and more. Now’s a great time to explore a new hobby and learn a new skill, all with easy access via your screen.
Any of these services can be accessed through any device, whether it be a phone, tablet, e-reader device such as a Kindle, or your laptop, chromebook, or desktop computer. This link will give you step by step instructions for almost any device you can think of.
Many children’s librarians and other staff have been doing online weekly virtual storytimes. You can see them through the Library’s Facebook page. Another project the Library has undertaken is partnering with Lift Up Lou for a weekly uplifting connection from your library staff. Here’s a fun one of Miss Erin doing Baby Storytime, and one of our librarians, Ken, doing a Bob Ross Painting class
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