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Does your child need to learn how to ride a bike? There’s an instructor in Louisville that’s “the bike whisperer” – Mr. B’s Bike Camp

Learn to ride a bike Louisville

Learning to ride a bike is a rite of passage, but for many busy parents, finding the time to teach their children how can easily slip to the bottom of the priority list. Enter Mr. B’s Bike Camp! At Mr. B’s Bike Camp, the mission is to teach your child how to ride a bike or transition off training wheels in one week, and he delivers on this promise! My son  and his pal went from wobbly and shaky on training wheels to confident on two wheels in TWO days.

Mr. B’s process is simple: give him a max of five days, one hour each day, and he will coach your child to success on two wheels! He also works with adults. Mr. B will meet you in the Jeffersontown High School parking lot. We also paired up with a friend to make the experience extra fun, and cost effective. 


1 student $100
2 students $75 each student
3 or more students $50 each student 
Prices are the same for all ages

Mr. B’s Bike Camp is a family-run, locally-owned business. Mr. B’s wife Rochelle contacts each client and walks them through the registration process ahead of camp. Mr. B and his wife are very friendly, pleasant, and professional. Mr. B is a natural coach and awesome with kids. My son responded to his coaching and encouragement quickly, and looked forward to camp each night.If you want to get your kiddos riding, then you need to contact the Bike Whisperer today!

learn to ride a bike Louisville

Learn more about Mr. B’s Bike Camp here:

Phone: 502-341-2714

By guest contributor: Kristin

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