A Day Trip to Georgetown, Kentucky


A day of family fun is just an hour away in Georgetown, Kentucky. We recently spent a day burning off energy at Evans Orchard and Cider Mill and then enjoyed a delicious treat at Sweet Matriarch Bakery.

Day Trip to Georgetown

If you’re searching for a day trip with plenty of outdoor activities then Georgetown, Kentucky is the place for you. 

A day trip to Georgetown Kentucky should be something on your family fun to-do list! Georgetown, Kentucky is about an hour from Louisville so it’s perfect for a day trip. It is known for Georgetown College as well as the historic downtown area. You can enjoy a self-guided walking tour, shopping, the museum, dining, and outdoor fun. On this trip, we visited Evans Orchard Kentucky and Sweet Matriarch milkshakes for farm fun and a delectable treat to end our day. 

Evans Orchard

We started our day trip to Georgetown Kentucky at Evans Orchard which is located a short drive outside of downtown Georgetown. Evans Orchard Kentucky is a lovely farm with a very family-friendly atmosphere. 

Currently during the pandemic, the farm is following COVID-19 protocols so the usual events and attractions might look a little different, but they certainly still offer plenty of fun for everyone. If you are finding this post later, some of the experience may change after restrictions have been lifted.

day trip to Georgetown Kentucky Evans Orchard

We planned to enjoy the play area only during our visit, though there are additional activities for sure. We reserved tickets for the play area the day before our visit to Evans Orchard Kentucky. Admission to the play area was only $5 per person (including adults) for a two hour time period.

Right now, there is a 50 person max and we felt like there was plenty of room to practice social distancing. It’s also worth mentioning that we noticed several employees constantly wiping down high touch areas in the play area. 

day trip to Georgetown Kentucky Evans Orchard Play Area

The play area is huge with a variety of play structures, bounce pillows, slides, swings, farm-like machinery, bicycles and more. We could tell that the play area was designed with every age in mind.

There are several structures geared more toward younger toddler children to play house, try out a smaller slide or drive a tractor. The bounce pillows, tall slides, rat racer big wheel track and bicycle track were favorites with our older children. 

day trip to Georgetown Kentucky Evans Orchard

On the back side of the play area is a small barnyard and petting zoo. There were only a few animals in this area, but they were still so sweet and an added surprise to our experience. Two new calves recently joined the barnyard. We also saw a couple of goats and the cutest little pig looking for attention. 

day trip to Georgetown Kentucky evans orchard pig Several picnic tables are set up all around the enclosed play area for adults to sit and watch their children. We also noticed several fun games. There is a rubber duck race game, giant bowling, giant jenga, giant tic-tac-toe, bouncy balls and bubbles. Families can definitely find enough to do at the Evans Orchard Kentucky play area for the two hours allotted to them (remember, this is the the limit during the pandemic). 

The café items at Evans Orchard are reasonably priced. Menu items range from $5 for a kids meal to $8 for a ribeye sandwich meal. There is plenty of outdoor seating, a walk up window located outside or you can place an order inside the farm store. If you plan to make a day trip, it’s really convenient to have food options there. 

Beginning in the Spring, Evans Orchard offers a variety of homegrown fruits and veggies. Visitors can expect to see blueberries, strawberries, apples, pears, peaches, sunflowers, pumpkins and beautiful flowers. Some of these items are also available for u-pick. Evans Orchard Kentucky hosts a few festivals geared around some of the crops such as a Sunflower Festival, Apple Festival and Harvest Festival. 

Sweet Matriarch Bakery

sweet matriarch milkshakes Georgetown Kentucky

The next stop on our trip was to Sweet Matriarch Bakery in Downtown Georgetown for a Cattywampus milkshake.  The owner came outside to greet everyone and to explain how ordering works as well as potential wait times.  She said that each milkshake takes about five minutes to make.  Once you see one of her milkshakes, you’ll understand why people wait in line! 

sweet matriarch milkshakes Georgetown Kentucky

We waited for about an hour and a half to get our milkshakes. We knew going into it that experiencing these decadent Cattywampus milkshakes would involve patience and waiting outside along the sidewalk. Each shake is $13 and there’s enough to share. The mason jars are yours to take home.  

sweet matriarch milkshakes Georgetown Kentucky

The rim of my Reese’s milkshake jar had a coating of peanut butter with bits of Reese’s Pieces stuck in it. On top was a huge helping of whipped cream, more Reese’s Pieces, chocolate syrup, a piece of a peanut butter brownie and a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. Each Sweet Matriarch milkshakes flavor had its own unique rim coating, baked good stuck in the shake and extra toppings.  

sweet matriarch milkshakes Georgetown Kentucky

Tips for Visiting Sweet Matriarch Bakery:

1. Expect to wait unless you get in line super, super early.

2. Bring a Tupperware container for the baked goods, candy bars and other extras stuck inside the milkshake.

3. Bring baby wipes or extra napkins. 

4. Bring a chair or blanket for either waiting in line or to find a spot to sit and enjoy your shake. 

5. Take lots of pictures because these Sweet Matriarch milkshakes are such a unique dessert and experience. 

Families can plan a fun day trip to Georgetown Kentucky. There is plenty to see and do in this great town. Other area attractions include The Old Friends Retired Thoroughbred Farm, Bi-Water Farm and Greenhouse, Horse Farms, Bourbon Tours and Downtown Georgetown for shopping and eateries. We took a scenic drive through Frankfort on our way home, which can also add to the day trip fun. Visit Georgetown soon to enjoy burning off some energy outdoors and splurging on a sweet treat!

146 South Broadway Street, Georgetown, Kentucky

198 Stone Rd, Georgetown, KY 40324

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