Jack O’Lantern Spectacular will be drive thru in 2020


For the past 8 years,  Jack O’Lantern Spectacular has been a highlight of the fall for many Louisville families

For 2020, this event has made changes so they can proceed and everyone can enjoy the pumpkin display safely. 

Are you wondering about Jack O Lantern Spectacular 2020? The Jack O’Lantern Spectacular takes place annually in the fall in Iroquois Park. The display features over 500 amazingly carved and illuminated pumpkins. Louisvillians love this annual events and folks travel from all over Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio to attend this special fall event. 

In the past, thousands of families strolled the paths and looked at the unique carvings, it’s really an art gallery of pumpkins! Kids would gaze closely at the detail in each of the designs and giggle at some of their favorite characters etched in pumpkins. Such a delight! Did you know that the Jack O’Lantern Spectacular benefits the Louisville Parks Foundation? So, by attending, you area also supporting local parks!

Given the current state of the pandemic, so many fun events from the spring, summer, and now into the fall have been cancelled or are being cancelled. This is one event that people always look forward to each year. Luckily, Jack O’Lantern Spectacular is NOT cancelled. However, it will be a little different. We are so pleased that people still get to keep this tradition alive, we know so many families go each year. 

What are they going to do instead? For Jack O Lantern Spectacular 2020, walking the path to see Jack O’Lantern Spectacular poses an issue. It would be really difficult to monitor social distancing and this event usually draws in big crowds. Plus, waiting in line to get in, also an issue. Stay in the cars….that’s what they will do!

We are so excited that with all of the cancelations we have seen, this event is able to still move forward. We hope that families love it as much as when they could walk through the trail to see the pumpkins up close. 

Jack O Lantern Spectacular 2020

The event planners are making a change that will work for 2020 to keep the event going but also keep everyone safe. The theme is  “Hitchhikers Guide.” There will be about 5,000 pumpkins when you visit. WOW!

This year, the Jack O’Lantern Spectacular will be drive-thru! Patrons will enter at 4800 New Cut Road at the intersection of New Cut and Southern Parkway.

Jack O Lantern Spectacular 2020

The event will run October 1-November 1, 2020 and is still at Iroquois Park. Tickets are on sale now.  Proceeds from the sale of tickets supports Louisville Parks Foundation and community-driven projects in your neighborhood parks. Make new kinds of memories this fall with your family. 

The driving path will be decorated with some other pieces to set the stage for a great event!

How much does it cost?

Cars/SUVs/Minivans: $35

Passenger Vans/Limos: $50

The Jack O’Lantern Spectacular website has been updated with a bunch of FAQs and answers since this will be a different experience than in the past. 

Times are: Arrive no earlier than 6:45PM. It runs Dusk – 11 p.m. (Sunday – Thursday) and Dusk – Midnight (Friday & Saturday)

And, this is wonderful! Jack O’Lantern Spectacular will still be hosting Sensory Night. It will be on November 1 for those with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and sensory processing differences, and their families, from 5:00 – 6:00 pm. Pumpkins will light up beautifully, but there will be no music or special effects.

Jack O Lantern Spectacular 2020

Definitely one of the perks of this being a drive-thru event for 2020 is snacks! Grab snacks from home and listen to some Halloween themed music in your car. I bet this even will be really popular so be prepared for some wait times. Hopefully, they keep everyone moving really well.

Also, this event will be one of few going on this fall. So, if you think you are interested in going, grab your tickets sooner rather than later to get your choice of dates. Like most events, weekdays will likely be less busy. 

Keep tabs on our fall fun page to stay on top of new ideas. 2020 is all about new ideas for making memories. fall fun in Louisville

For more fun ideas to do with your kids this year, be sure to follow our calendar page. When events pop up that are being conducted in a safe manner, we will put them on that page. Fun is not canceled!

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