Great spots for takeout and picnics


Having a picnic and spending time in a local park makes for a great day. Good thing Kentucky has a lot of options for family picnicking fun!

takeout and picnics

Takeout and picnics make for great family time at the park. Supporting Louisville restaurants makes it even better!

We think takeout and picnics are a great combination. If you want to support Louisville area restaurants plus spend time with your family, here are some ideas. 

takeout and picnics

Iroquois Park is located in the south end of Louisville and has a playground, a frisbee golf course, and many hiking trails throughout.

Just across the street at the newly revamped Colonial Gardens you can get great take out from Union-15 South End for pizza, Taco Luchador for tacos, Biscuit Belly for breakfast or lunch, or stop by Sister Beans for a coffee.

takeout and picnics

Louisville Nature Center is great for family hikes. There are picnic tables at the front so it’s easy to grab food, bring it there to eat, then go for a hike.

Oskar’s Slider Bar is really close and you can order online and pick it up. Perfect food for takeout because everything is individually portioned. They have delicious bakery items also!

takeout and picnics

Cookies from Oskar’s

Jefferson Memorial Park, in the south west part of Louisville, boasts 35 miles of various levels of hiking trails as well as a small fishing pond.

Close to JMP is some scrumptious food options including Shack in the Back BBQ (which offers a drive thru) and Fairdale Pizza and Pub. You can also stop by the drive thru at The Floral Grind Florist and Coffeehouse for sandwiches and drinks.

Seneca Park has hiking trails, picnic tables, and a big field to burn off some energy after takeout and picnics with some of the great food options close by.

Joella’s Hot Chicken is now offering a Family Picnic Pack which would be great for the park. A few other options nearby include: Momma’s Mustard, Pickles, and BBQ, Blue Dog Bakery and Café, or stop and get dessert at The Comfy Cow.

takeout and picnics

Photo credit: Momma’s Mustard, Pickles, & BBQ

Photo credit: Clifton Donut Shop Facebook

Cherokee Park offers opportunities to walk, run, hike or even swim at Big Rock! Want to make it a day of takeout and picnics?

Donuts sound good! Get started early and grab donuts from Clifton Donut Shop, or get lunch from Mark’s Feed Store, or cool off with some Steel City Pops.

takeout and picnics

Garvin Brown Nature Preserve in Prospect is a quick place to explore and get down by the river. You can picnic before at Hays Kennedy Park, they are basically connected. Grab lunch at Gracious Plenty before you go. 

Broad Run Park is great to explore and has many opportunities for fun including splashing in the creek, hiking the various trails, walking along the walking paths or exploring the gardens. Many places to stop for a day of takeout and picnics. 

Bring a picnic from nearby Bootleg BBQ or Hometown Pizza Mt. Washington (Kid’s Night on Monday and Tuesday).

Moss Gibbs Woodland Garden

Turkey Run Park has loads of fun hidden inside including hiking, playing in the creek, fishing, or a walk to the top of the Brown-Foreman Silo.

To make this a takeout and picnics stop, head to the heart of Jeffersontown to pick up take out. Options include: Feast BBQ, Royals Hot Chicken, or Bud’s Tavern.

Turkey Run Park

Beckley Creek Park offers its wide-open Egg Lawn, walking/hiking trails, and fishing at William F. Miles Lakes. Take out food near by include: Checks BBQ and Blues, The Cheddar Box and Café, or Joella’s Hot Chicken! If it’s on the way for you, swing by Stacey’s Donuts before you go. Can you tell me like donuts?

Photo credit: Joella’s Hot Chicken Facebook


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