Educational Justice tutoring and volunteer opportunities for kids


Educational Justice strives to end educational inequity by pairing a 5th-8th grade student with a high-achieving high school student for long-term academic mentorship.

educational justice

The goal of Educational Justice is to improve students’ academic performance while providing a meaningful student leadership experience.

Students from low- income families perform about 3-6 grade levels below their peers from high-income backgrounds. In our community, we tend to believe that we live in a meritocratic system, but students from low-income families are impossibly outmatched: (1) their schools lack the resources to prepare them to compete with students across the socioeconomic spectrum; and (2) their parents lack the financial means to go outside of these schools to acquire the academic services their children need to succeed. 

educational justice

Educational Justice Activists (EJA) tackles this problem throughout Louisville by preparing and supporting high-achieving high school students who are already uniquely equipped to help their underserved younger peers because they possess academic expertise. Students who take it upon themselves to apply to a program like EJ Activists have the drive and awareness needed to see a problem and work to create change. We work to develop the skills necessary for our high school students not only to become academic mentors for their Scholars, but also so that they will have the tools to become leaders in their communities now and in the future. 

educational justice

An EJ Activist is a high-achieving, civic-minded 9th-12th grade student who gives back to their community by tutoring a younger peer each week for the minimum of a school year. Students who are interested in combating educational inequity in their community can apply to participate in the EJ Activists Program at

educational justice

Tutoring scholarships are awarded through the EJ Activists Program to 5th-8th grade students whose families can demonstrate financial need. Families who are seeking academic assistance or who want to further their student’s education can apply for a tutoring scholarship at


Interested in getting involved, but want more information? Hear directly from our EJ Activists and Scholars here.

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