Halloween in Brown Park 2020


Halloween in Brown Park is a staple fall event in Louisville. For 2020, it’s going to look different but it’s still happening!

Halloween in Brown Park

There’s still fun to be had for Halloween and we are happy to share with you more about this St. Matthews event. 

Halloween in Brown Park is always a fall family favorite. For over 20 years, the Chamber of St. Matthews and City of St. Matthews have brought together thousands of residents, dozens of organizations for Halloween in Brown Park. They put on a free, family-friendly event that is safe and full of tons of smiles. Families love it!
Typically, the event is held at Brown Park in St. Matthews, located on Kresge Way right next to Baptist Hospital East, an easy access park. The Trick-or-Treating trail runs into the woods on the shorter path, while the hayride runs on the outside longer path. Two hours of fun, music, games, entertainment and CANDY!
Photos below are from past events and hopefully next year, the event will be held in the traditional manner. For 2020, it will be drive-thru. 

For 2020, Halloween in Brown Park will take place in the parking lot of Mall St. Matthews. By changing locations, the event will be able to switch to a drive-thru scenario. People will be able to drive through and have candy dropped into their bags hanging out of their windows. The Chamber of St. Matthews will be doing everything to keep the event safe and sanitary. 

They are keeping the tradition alive! Halloween in Brown park will be October 24 from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. at the Mall St. Matthews – not the park! It will be a fully touchless drive-thru experience; volunteers will attach padded hooks (high weight capacity) over the car windows on the driver’s side for the amount of kids trick-or-treating per vehicle. Bags will be provided by Baptist Health, event Title Sponsor.

Halloween in brown park

To attend Halloween in Brown Park (at the mall!!), enter off of Bowling Blvd. onto Sherburn Lane and St. Matthews Police Department and event volunteers will guide attendees through the lot to the event. Be sure to read these procedures and recommendations before you attend. And, absolutely, kids and families can dress up for the drive thru event!

Vendors will fill pre-packaged candy or non-food items into the bags using gloved hands from booth to booth as the card drives. You will stay inside the car at all times with only the window where the candy bags will be hung is partially open.

Halloween in brown park

There will be a limit of one car per family and it is recommended per the CDC and state guidelines that those inside the car are all from the same household.

Halloween in brown park

The event will also include the Teal Pumpkin items for any child with an allergy. This project is designed to offer non-food treats for trick-or-treaters who may suffer from a food allergy. All those participating in the project will have a Teal Pumpkin displayed in their booth in some fashion.

Halloween in brown park


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