Movie theatre rentals at Cinemark


You can get the theatre all to yourself for a private watch party!

Who misses going to the movies? This is a great option for movie theatre rentals!

We had to look into movie theatre rentals for 2020 because we wanted to keep family traditions alive. But, getting 20 people into a living room is not the safe thing to do during this pandemic. Luckily, the local theatres have great options.

Every year, we have all the grandparents over for a pajama Polar Express night with dinner, hot chocolate and popcorn. Being the cautious people that we are, we decided that wasn’t an option for us this year. So when I saw that The Polar Express was an option for a Cinemark Private Watch Party, I booked it quickly! I am so glad that we did.

Here is what you need to know about booking your private movie theatre rentals:

It was easy to book a reservation through their website.  There are 3 locations in Louisville that are participating – Tinseltown, Preston Crossings, and Mall St. Matthews. You then just choose your day and time. Most days have movie theatre rentals throughout the afternoon and evening. Also, there are at least a couple dozen movies to choose from. You then get an email with a code, show up 15 minutes before your scheduled time and tell them how many total people there will be. You can have a maximum of 20 people.

movie theatre rentals

Like I said before, I am a very cautious person when it comes to Covid risks, but I felt very safe. There are sanitizing stations throughout the building, every staff member I saw was wearing a face mask and gloves, and they sanitize the high touch surfaces often.

The theaters are sanitized between showings (and they provide extra seat wipes if you want them) and all restroom and theater doors were propped open so you didn’t have to touch anything to get in. Everyone is asked to wear masks unless eating or drinking in the theater.

During this period when most of their business is Movie theatre rentals, concession stands do have slightly limited options. But, they still had all the basics of popcorn, drinks, and candy. Even though there are still signs asking you not to bring in food and drink, it seems that they are being a bit more lenient about that, as many of us were able to bring in bags without being questioned. To my daughter, it wasn’t Polar Express family night without her hot chocolate, so I had to try! We are not saying this is the policy….just an observation.   

We had 20 people in 7 families and we were able to spread out well and all still have good seats. With that number of people, it made it only $5.50 per person to see the movie once the taxes and fees were charged.  There are a few movies that are more expensive, but it is clearly noted when you choose your movie. The only thing is that they are all older movies, not ones currently in theaters, but for the experience, it is totally worth it.

movie theatre rentals

How cool to be able to have the theatre all to yourself. This is a fun option for daytime during winter break or into January and February. 

For more indoor fun ideas, we have a post that includes places’ safety protocols so you can choose for yourself what you are comfortable doing. 


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