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Get a video from Santa, perfect for 2020 and something to save for memories!

personalized video from Santa

Parents and grandparents are looking for options to make this 2020 Christmas extra special and this video from Santa may be just what you are looking for!

If you are looking for personalized video from Santa, this website is a great option for any year, but especially this year with in-person Santa options being so limited. Also, we have a coupon code so you can save! It was very easy to follow their steps, choosing the number of children, who the video is coming from, and then special interests for your child.

You even get to write a sentence or two that you want specifically said to your children! That was a real hoot for Stephanie’s son because Santa acknowledge that UK basketball is off to a rough start but that he feels like they’ll turn it around in time for the tournament!

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They have made the steps extremely easy to follow for even the most technologically challenged person, so it could be a great option for grandparents to set up for their grandkids. (Santa will say who set up the video!)

The video arrived in my inbox 3 days after I filled out the form. It was easy to open and get ready for my kids.  I was amazed at how Santa was able to put all the things I wrote about in the form into less than 2 minutes, but it was perfect. He was so upbeat and encouraging and you could tell that it was absolutely personalized to my specific children. 

My daughter was in absolute awe of her personalized video from Santa. Each time he mentioned something specific to her, her face just lit up more and more. My son has always had an interesting relationship with Santa – you know that loves him but terrified and also in shock at the realization that you’re seeing him? I thought it was just an in person thing and maybe he had grown out of it, but he did not know how to react to this. I think that is telling how real Santa was to him. He didn’t know how to handle it all, but after the video was over he wanted to watch it again and again!

You can get your message from a Black Santa!

I highly recommend taking advantage of the It’s the Real Santa website for a personalized video from Santa during this year of social distancing and needing alternative choices. Honestly, with how personalized it was, it would be a great option even in a year that it wasn’t a possibility to sit on Santa’s lap! 

And, if you think older kids are just too….. “old” for this, it’s not true. My kids are 12 and 13 and they got a real kick out of the video. They watched it a few times, laughing at some of the things I wrote to Santa to say. You can have Santa say some really funny things!

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personalized video from Santa

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