Review: The Kentucky Science Center Experience at Mall St. Matthews


This special exhibit has closed at The Mall St. Matthews. There is still plenty of fun to be had at The Kentucky Science Center in downtown Louisville. 

As the weather is getting colder we are all looking for some safe indoor fun to keep the kids active and not break the bank. The Kentucky Science Center has just the place, inside Mall St. Matthews. 

*this is a review and not sponsored by KSC or Mall St. Matthews

KSC at Mall St. Matthews

Are you looking for a safe fun place to take the kids? Here’s an inexpensive indoor option. 


The kids, my sister, and I explored the Kentucky Science Center at the mall!  They have a pop-up exhibit at Mall St. Matthews and we all had a really good time. They have taken some of the fun ‘science in play’ exhibits and moved them to a mall location. It’s a fantastic way to spend an hour if you have kids in elementary school or younger. 

Tickets are available through the KSC website or you can try your luck at walk-in. We recommend getting tickets ahead of time so you can reserve your spots. Since there are only 10 spots are available per hour, you want to be guaranteed to get in! If you do pop by and it is full, you can also ask if there are any open spots and put your name in for a later time that day.

Kentucky Science Center members get in free, but still should reserve a spot. If you are not a member, tickets for children 2 and up are $5, adults and children under 2 are free, but need to register.

The online spots for Kentucky Science Center at the mall start at 11am and go until 8pm and last one hour. (Secret hint, as of Dec 30, the doors actually open at 10am but online tickets don’t start till 11am, so you can always try going at 10am.)

We parked in the parking garage and went in through the shoe store and turned right (towards JC Pennys). You can find the entrance to the experience on the right near Journeys. 

Kids on light board


The GIANT lightboard was the biggest hit for the kids at the Kentucky Science Center at the mall. Think light bright blown up. It was great for all the ages, even the 15 month old. She could take the pegs out and put them back with ease. They also provided a riser for the kids to stand on. 

Next up was the ball ramp area. Kids can build different configurations with parts and see if the ball makes is through the course. The boys loved this and got pretty good at moving the parts around and sending the ball down the ramp. 

I was a little worried that the 1.5 year old would not have as much fun as her older bothers, but I was wrong. The Kentucky Science Center really did try and get the 10 and under crowd engaged. There’s something to keep all of the little ones busy for an hour. She went around playing in the activity areas just like her brothers. She even made an excellent ball girl. 

nora play

We were there with two other groups at the Kentucky Science Center at the mall but it did not feel crowded and no one waited to do any activity. It was a very fun hour of play for the kids and worth the $5 fee, if you are not a member.

There is a shop attached where you can buy fun science kits, and branded Kentucky Science Center stuff but I did not feel it was in your face and the kids didn’t even notice the buying options. As a treat we went down to the food court and enjoyed some pretzels and popcorn. 

According to the KSC, they do not have an end date for this experience and say it will be going on at least though winter and maybe longer. As always we encourage you to check the Kentucky Science Center’s website to make sure the hours have not change or it is closed for some reason. 

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