10 activities to do over winter break


Winter break fun in Louisville. Here are events and things to do over winter break.

Winter break can be long and you might need some boredom busters. There’s enough spending going on, don’t you think?  

Winter break is here! Family fun during a pandemic is not always easy to find. But, we have ideas for you to stay active and make memories. Plus, keep kids from getting bored or spending too much time on devices. I have to admit, I am a little more gracious with the screen time these days. 

But, I have some of these things on my list to help break up the days and make sure we have a good balance of fun activities. I hope we get some snow because a day or two of sledding would be perfect!

Here are 10 ideas for winter break fun 2020-2021

1) December 22 and 23rd, E.P. Tom Sawyer State Park is hosting a geogaching event. It’s just $4 per person to participate. And, the weather isn’t looking as cold mid-week as it is toward the end of the week. Jolly Saint Nick has lost some gifts while cruising over the park with a sled stuffed full of presents. Some of them fell off and landed right here in our park. Can you Help find them all!
Email to Register emma.faulkner@ky.gov

2) Winter Woods Spectacular is great during the week with less people and a discount! Be sure to get all of the details and save via the post on our website, click here. Before you go, print out our fill-in-the-blank scavenger hunt and make some guesses about what you might see while driving through the display.

3) Go to Yew Dell Gardens, it’s free during their winter hours. Who cares if it’s cold!? Bundle up and then afterwards, grade some hot chocolate to warm up! The good thing about it being free is you can see as much or as little as you want. While in Crestwood, Maples Park is also nice to explore. Closed Christmas Eve through New Year’s Day. 

4) Ice skating is a sure way to get active with a ton of laughs. Here’s a list of places to check out. Fete de Noel is the outdoor ice skating option. Be sure to bring a change of gloves because they will get wet from falling. And, if you plan on not going home right away after, you might want a change of pants too because that ice will make your pants cold and wet as well. Sounds fun, right?! It really is!

5) Go see the lights all around town. Some of them do turn off after Christmas but many will keep the lights bright. It’s still fun, even after Christmas. There are some of the best options and some drive thru/walk and see options. Bring our scavenger hunt to make it a little extra fun!

6) Kick of the new year with being active. Go for a hike. Hiking isn’t just for the warmer months! We have continued to hit the trails even as it gets colder. Some tips are to dress in layers because you think you want to bundle up and then you get moving and get hot. And, wear old shoes because some of the trails stay muddier longer this time of year. Here’s a list of great hiking spots. 

Purrfect Day Cat Cafe

7) OK, so outdoors is not your thing this time of year? One of our writers did go through many indoor places checking for their safety protocols and found some that appear to be taking things really cautiously. We have compiled a list for you. Follow their guidelines and keep your family safe as well as those around you safe! Maybe the Kentucky Science Center (they have a pop-up location at the mall) or get some DIY-to-go or visit the Little Loom House!



9) If it snows – head to Cherokee Park – they have approved sledding hills and they are super fast!! Want more sledding ideas?  Click here for our list of places. There are also tubing and skiing options in Southern Indiana. 

10) Head to the Speed Art Museum on Sundays during winter break for indoor fun for free. Note: the Art Sparks area is currently closed but there is still a lot of museum to explore. And, the museum is only open on the weekends now. This is a great thing to do with tweens and up. Know your younger kiddos regarding how they will do in an art museum!

Have a fantastic winter break!

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