Frazier Museum Free Membership


The Frazier Museum is offering free membership for a year to local residents

frazier museum free membership

Frazier History Museum is offering a free membership to anyone in the surrounding Louisville area (see details below) through October 31, 2021

Wow, this is amazing. Family memberships are an $84 value and you can get it for free. You can get access to this museum for free, for a year. Yes, we are in the middle of a pandemic but I know that Frazier Museum is taking precautions to keep people safe at their museum. 

Learning fun for free for a year with a Frazier Museum free membership. During the pandemic, people are juggling to handle so much. This free offer is a tremendous gift from the Frazier Museum to local families.

The museum is enforcing social distancing and pandemic protocol guidelines. Masks, temperature checks, hand sanitizer throughout, a fixed schedule for thorough cleaning, limited number of guests inside at once and more. Surely, they miss seeing so many families and field trip kids as well. 

We have enjoyed the Frazier Museum as a way to get inside on a super hot day or find indoor fun in the winter. Also, as an educator, I just love any learning that can be made fun. My kids love local museums.

If you have not been there, this is perfect for you. You can request your membership now and then visit the museum when you feel comfortable. We recognize that during the pandemic, parents have a variety of comfort levels with indoor fun! And, if you have been to the museum before, great, you have no excuse not to go back now!

The Frazier Museum is open Thursday – Saturday: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. and Sunday: Noon  – 5 p.m., the museum itself is closed Mondays and Tuesdays. They are closed on some holidays so check here. Location: 829 W. Main Street, Louisville, KY 40202.

frazier museum free membership

Exhibit are subject to change and they have removed some of the interactive parts of exhibits during the pandemic.

While there, you can also see the Kentucky Show! for free. The next exhibit for this spring is called West of Ninth. From the website, it is “A closer look at the work of Shae and Walt Smith, whose blog West of Ninth uses photographs and personal narratives to tell the stories of residents of the nine neighborhoods that make up West Louisville.”

How do you get a Frazier Museum Free Membership?

You can get a free membership to the Frazier Museum if you live in the following counties: Jefferson, Oldham, Meade, Shelby, Henry, Spencer, Hardin, Nelson, Bullitt, Clark (IN), Floyd (IN), and Harrison (IN).

That’s right – this is not just for folks immediately in Louisville, they have gone beyond to many counties so people can enjoy this museum, no strings attached. Truly, this is wonderful.  


On their website, you can request a free individual membership or a family membership. They are making it really easy for everyone. Just click here and you’ll see the options.

It’s that simple. You’ll have to wait for them to process it and get back to you. And, we are sending a ton of people their way, so please be patient. Have fun at the museum, be safe, wear your masks!

Thank you Frazier Museum!

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