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The weather report is looking a bit chilly these days. I recommend stopping by a small business to get something to warm you up from the inside out with a local specialty hot drink. 

best coffee shops in Louisville

Our writers love coffee and our kids love hot chocolate. So, when it’s cold, we are on the hunt for the Best coffee shops in Louisville

We love going on the hunt for the best coffee shops in Louisville. Whenever we are out for family fun in the winter, I am looking for a local coffee shop near me serving up unique hot drinks. We love to try different steamers for the kids and lattes for me! We have found that these local places are full of friendly people and baristas willing to mix up custom drinks just for your liking.

This is not a comprehensive list of coffee shops. Instead, this is a list of local coffee shops around different area of town that we have found make things out of the ordinary. 

Here’s a list of places to check out for the best coffee shops with unique drinks:

Best coffee shops in Louisville
Stomping Grounds Coffee Co.
Stomping Grounds has specialty drinks to warm up your day on Dixie Highway. Coffee, Espresso, Hot Chocolate, Teas, and more make it one of the best coffee shops in Louisville. They are open for dine-in, carry out, and they’ll even bring your drink to your car at no extra cost for curbside pickup – call 996-7473. The kids will love their smoothies and hot chocolate, add some flavors in there too. 

Best coffee shops in Louisville

Quills Coffee

Quills Coffee Company
Originating in Louisville’s Germantown in 2007, Quills now has three Louisville locations: Nulu, Highlands, St Matthews. Quills states they believe in three simple staples: great coffee, great service and great spaces. For a unique drink, try an Alchemist – their house made syrup in a mocha latte with added cinnamon and cayenne! Try a hot chocolate with your milk of choice and add in one of their other flavors to make it a little something special. 

Please & Thank You
Known for their delicious coffee and cookies, P&TY originally started in Nulu in 2011. P&TY now has four locations around Louisville (all locations open for curbside pickup and delivery during COVID). Their moto is: “Fresh Cookies. Loud Music. No Decaf.” There are really rich options for hot chocolates – try a Mexican Hot Chocolate!

Louisville Tea Company 

Louisville Tea Company has a large amount of tea flavors to try or take home. During the pandemic they do not have enough space to allow dining in while maintaining social distancing, but their shop is open. Usually you can sit at the tea bar and sample teas. I’m looking forward to Tea Tuesday coming back when guests can sample teas for $5 a person. Take home some decaf teas for a tea party at home with the kids. 

Best coffee shops in Louisville
Brew & Sip Coffee Bar
Brew & Sip is a coffee shop born from an event planning and catering couple who pivoted during the pandemic. So naturally, they offer coffee, tea, smoothies, AND delicious food. In addition to adding a new drink coffee flavor each month, Brew & Sip also makes fresh fruit smoothies that kids and parents love, made from scratch soups, fish fry Friday food options, and other full meals. Brew & Sip also roasts their own coffee beans off site for an even better tasting coffee. By the way, Brew & Sip has a Pay It Forward program where you can purchase a cup of coffee for someone who may need it.

Sunergos Coffee
Sungeros began with an appreciation of great coffee, and is currently in four locations as well as in other coffee shops. Sungeros roasts their own beans in a large Petronici roaster to brew great tasting coffee. While Sungeros is definitely focused on being one of the best coffee shops in Louisville, they do sell some treats to enjoy with their coffee, and one of their locations is next door to Nord’s Bakery (hint hint).

Nord’s Bakery


Safai Coffee Shop

Safai Coffee 
Safai is located in the Highlands. They serve hand crafted specialty-grade coffee beverages and gourmet treats – check out those crepes above. The owner tastes thousands of cups before selecting his bean, and then purchases the farmer’s entire yield for the year, providing financial security for the farmers and their families. But it doesn’t stop there. Safai brews their coffee using the “pour over” method to guarantee its delicious flavor. When you stop by, be sure to try a fresh to order crepe to accompany your delicious cup of coffee.

Best coffee shops in Louisville
Borsalino Café & Deli 
Borsalino Café & Deli is a hidden gem in southeast Louisville for Balkan food, European pastries, and amazing drinks including European style coffee. You can get everything from a delicious Macchiato, Latte, Cappuccino, or just a regular coffee or hot chocolate. It’s an opportunity to expand your families’ cultural palette for taste and flavors!

Best coffee shops in Louisville
Fleur de Tea 
Fleur de Tea recently opened in Norton Commons (Northeast Louisville) for tea lovers everywhere. They offer a huge selection of teas, as well as pastries and a peaceful space to sit and enjoy your day. Feel free to order a cup, a teapot, make it a latte, or have your tea steeped in a French Press. Take the family to fish, events, and explore shops at Norton Commons and pick up a beverage while you are there!

Best coffee shops in Louisville

Sister Bean’s Coffee House

Sister Beans 
The flavors feel endless at this community coffee shop, making it one of the Best coffee shops in Louisville. Order coffee flavors like banana nut latte or red velvet while mocha. Or grab a hot tea, even a blended Matcha Green Tea latte if that is more your speed. Sister Beans also has pastries from Heitzman Bakery to accompany your drink so everyone in your family can get a drink and a treat!

Fante’s Coffee

Fante’s Coffee – If you want one of the best coffee shops in Louisville, locally roasted coffee is the way to go. Fante’s Coffee offers just that. Located on Grinstead Drive, they even offer something called “white coffee” using beans that are roasted for half of the time which creates a nutty, spicy flavor. That’s unique! 

Liege and Dairy Ice Cream + Waffles
When you think of warm drinks, ice cream shops don’t always come to mind. At Liege and Dairy, they are more than just ice cream. Liege and Dairy has a variety of specialty drinks that are legendary tasting. Hot chocolates, lattes, shakes, and more. Maybe even grab some ice cream and cookies to go with your drink.

Red Hot Roasters
Red Hot Roasters boasts of delicious, handcrafted coffees that are roasted with love. Grab a locally baked treat and seasonal specialty drink off Lexington Road. This location is perfect for when you are on the go and looking for on of the best coffee shops in Louisville. 

Highview Ice Cream and Coffee
Highview Ice Cream and Coffee is a one of the Best coffee shops in Louisville because it is a full-service coffee (and ice cream) shop located on the Outer Loop with something for EVERYONE. With drinks like Turtle Cappuccino, Mocha Raspberry Latte, and Mocha Coconut Latte, you can’t go wrong. Grab some ice cream or pineapple upside down cake to accompany your drink. They also serve up ice cream and shakes. 

Looking for Best coffee shops just outside of Louisville? Try one of these delicious hot drink locations:
LaGrange Coffee Roasters

Family Fun Cafe and Ice Cream (Radcliffe) – serving up hot chocolate FLOATS
Brick & Mortar in Shelbyville

Family Fun Cafe and Ice Cream – Hot Chocolate Float


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