Best Cookies in Louisville


Here are 9+ local bakeries to pick up the best cookies in Louisville for your family

best cookies in Louisville

Featured Cookie: Bae’s Bakery

Cookies are perfect for outings to the park, treats for special occasions, or to share with friends. 

We are on a hunt for the best cookies in Louisville and it’s not a job we will complain about. Now that the weather is getting nicer, it’s a great opportunity to go enjoy a special treat!

Louisville has some amazing bakeries with DELICIOUS cookies. Cookies are great to share with your kids to hear about their day. Or just grabbing a cookie for yourself as a special treat as your kids return to school. Or maybe grab a bunch of cookies to take to the playground or on a picnic.

Cookies are also great for a random act of kindness porch drop off gift for families and friends. Here’s some of our top cookie picks for best cookies in Louisville.

You can make a day of trying one cookie at each location, or start a new tradition of trying a cookie from a different bakery each week! There are all sorts of cookies out there – from traditional chocolate chip cookies that are better than your mom’s, to cookies from different cultures. Here are our top picks from around Louisville:

best cookies in Louisville

Panaderia & Tienda Guadalajara: If you have never been to a Panaderia, you are missing out! At panaderias, you generally go in, grab a tray, and then use the tongs to help yourself to whatever wonderful cookies, pastries, and bake goods they have in their shelves that day.

Most of the bake goods are labeled in Spanish or not labeled at all. You can often tell what you’re buying, you can ask the workers to give you details, or it’s fun to get something that looks good, and then try to figure out the flavor. Panaderias are great for putting a box of mixed pastries and cookies together to take home for the family, to get-togethers, or to bring into the office for a special treat.

Bae’s Bakery

Bae’s Baekery: This new shop in Old Louisville is crazy amazing. All you have to do is look at the photos on their Facebook page and you will be ready to jump in your car for cookies. 

Dalata’s Gateaux & Cafe: is a Vietnamese bakery with a French-culinary influence. It’s a hidden gem with great reviews by all who get their baked goods.

Photo: Insomnia Cookies Facebook Page

Insomnia Cookies: Known for late night deliveries. They are open until 1am or 3am depending on the day. Order your cookies, and they will be delivered within 20-35 minutes. They also have dippers available, who doesn’t want to dip their cookies in frosting!?

Please & Thank You: All four locations in Louisville are known for their caffeinated coffee delights and chocolate chip cookies. You can pick up dough if you want to bake them at home on demand! But P&TY also has other cookies including seasonal cookies…just in case you don’t want to eat cookies better than your mom’s homemade cookies.

Kizito Cookies: These big cookies are definitely some of the best cookies in Louisville. They can be found at coffee shops, drug stores, events, and businesses across Louisville. They are often used for fundraising, or you can go to their site directly to order cookies by the dozen. I highly recommend reading about Elizabeth Kizito, founder of Kizito Cookies. She’s amazing and so are her cookies. 

Smor Nordic Bakeri: This Scandinavian bakery makes such beautifully decorated cookies, it almost makes you want to not eat them. Almost. Everything they make is too delicious to not eat and so unique. Buy them individually or in packs. Highly recommend their seasonal items for special holidays.  

best cookies in Louisville
Nord’s Bakery: Known for their donuts, Nord’s is a popular Louisville staple. But, did you know they have soft, perfect cookies? And, like in this image above, they decorate based on what’s going on, holidays, events, Derby and more. We love their cookies so they must be on our list for best cookies in Louisville!

Crumbl Cookies: New to Louisville in 2021, Crumbl Cookies has ginormous, filled cookies. They have their current flavors listed on their website, which change each week. Fun flavors include Churro, Raspberry Cheesecake, and Muddy Buddy. They do have staple flavors they keep around each week. Definitely have some milk ready!

JW Cafe & Bakery is a Vietnamese café in northeast Louisville. The cookies (and many other baked treats) at JW are freshly made and amazingly decorated for every season and holiday. Couple it with a fantastic hot beverage and you are set!

best cookies in Louisville

Smor Nordic Bakery

Other Louisville bakeries worth mentioning for the best cookies in Louisville:

Annie Maye’s Sweet Café – Allergy Friendly

Phlen’s Bakery
Wiltshire Pantry Bakery & Cafe
Butchertown Grocery Bakery
Adrienne & Co
Blue Dog Bakery
Heitzman Traditional Bakery

Homemade Ice Cream & Pie Kitchen 


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