Crumbl Cookies Louisville


Crumbl Cookies is opening in Louisville, Kentucky

Crumbl Cookies Louisville


You know you love cookies! We are so excited for this bakery to open and we can try all of their cookie flavors. 

Crumbl Cookies Louisville is located at 12949 Shelbyville Road in Middletown. It will open on March 11 but on March 12 it is FREE COOKIE DAY starting at 8am! We love free! Head on over there and you will get a free chocolate chip cookie. Download their app to get your free cookie. 

What’s so special about Crumbl Cooks Louisville? It is locally owned! That’s super! Also, the staff bake up the cookies right there in the open kitchen for all to see. They have a rotating menu so you’ll always have a variety of choices. 

Crumbl cookies Louisville

Crumbl features four specialty cookies each week, along with the standard favorites: warm chocolate chip and chilled sugar cookie. Cold milk and gourmet ice cream are also on the menu.  Some of the Crumbl specialty cookies include: Muddy Buddy, Biscoff Lava, Funfetti, Snickerdoodle, Coconut Lime, Chocolate Caramel, Cranberry Vanilla, Nutella Sea Salt, Oatmeal Chocolate Chip, Rocky Road, S’Mores, Orange Creamsicle, and many more.

crumbl cookies in Louisville

Crumbl cookies Louisville also offers delivery and special orders for events. Group catering is also available for any special occasion, whether it’s a wedding, birthday party, or office event.

Crumbl Cookies Louisville is open from 8-10pm on weekdays and 8am-midnight each Friday and Saturday! Crumbl is closed on Sundays. 

If you are looking to try something new, check our Crumbl Cookies Louisville soon. Tell us what you think. Which ones do you want to try? We can’t wait to try different cookie flavors – I want that Biscoff Lava! Maybe for Easter or an upcoming birthday, getting a variety box of Crumbl Cookies would be something new and fun, we all need that this year!

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