Best Milkshakes in Louisville


We’ve put together a list of Louisville area milkshake locations to quench your ice cream cravings!

Milkshakes are great because they can be eaten sitting down, standing up, while walking, while talking, while inside, while outside, with a straw or with a spoon.

As the temperature rises, so do the ice cream cravings! Where can you find the best milkshakes in Louisville?

For tooth aches, for throat aches for young and for old. Milkshakes are the dessert for everyone! This list does not cover every single place that offers milkshakes. Instead, it is a collection of some of our favorites and those places that have gone above and beyond to deliver incredible desserts – from how they look to how they taste!

La Bodeguita del medio

La Bodeguita Del Medio is located on the Outer Loop. There is a reason this is the first stop listed on our best milkshakes in Louisville list. La Bodeguita del medio has some of the most AMAZING milkshakes on the planet! Their mega milkshakes are like a work of art. Topped with pastries, donuts, candy, and more, one milkshake can make your week!

When you are hungry for some yummy Cuban delights you should definitely check this place out but you need to make sure you leave plenty of room for one of their Mega Milkshakes for $6.99 (great price for these by the way)! They have many options but we can let you know that the fresa (strawberry), chocolate, and vanilla were a hit with us! These milkshakes are topped with fun sweets including cotton candy, donuts, and cookies. Located at 5700 Outer Loop, Louisville, KY 40219.

best milkshakes in Louisville

La Bodeguita del medio

best milkshakes in Louisville

Liege and Dairy Ice Cream + Waffles

Liege And Dairy Ice Cream + Waffles
With multiple locations, they are one of our favorites! With crazy, delicious flavors including vegan incentives cream, Liege and Dairy prides itself on using high quality ingredients, locally sourced. At Liege and Dairy, you can choose any of their ice cream flavors to make a milkshake.

They have great ice cream and when you get one of their milkshakes you can choose whatever flavor you want. Then get creative and top it with some fun stuff including (but not limited to) gummy worms, brownies, or honey whip cream! Locations at 2212A Holiday Manor Center, Louisville, KY 40202 and at 10512 Watterson Trail, Jeffersontown, KY 40299. Holiday Manor Center

best milkshakes in Louisville

Panchitos Ice Cream & Taqueria

Panchitos Ice Cream
Panchitos Ice Cream has a shop on Preston Highway and in the Highlands. This ice cream shop has amazing alternatives to your plain shakes! A milkshake topped with a warm churro is definitely one of the best milkshakes in Louisville. 

When you visit make sure you come hungry because all of the food is yummy and I don’t know how you can leave without dessert! All of their ice cream is made from scratch and some of their milkshake flavors include: strawberry cheesecake shake, oreo churro shake, and bubblegum! Located at 8118 Preston Highway Louisville, KY 40219.

Panchitos Ice Cream & Taqueria in the Highlands is located at 2245 Bardstown Rd Louisville, KY 40205.

Royals Hot Chicken: Go for their Nashville-style Hot Chicken but stay a little longer and have one of their tasty milkshakes! All locations have their own special flavor so you may have to visit them all to see which one you like the best! Some flavors include Please and Thank You Cookie Shake (Nulu), Vanilla Apple Pie Shake, Popcorn Station Caramel Corn Milkshake (J-Town), and a Heitzman’s Iced Chocolate Brownie Shake (Shelbyville Rd).

Family Fun Café and Ice Cream: A place for family and friends to connect and create memories through fun activities and unique ice cream. They provide hand dipped ice cream with café themed food and activities in a nostalgic setting including their Celebrate Funshake! The Funshake includes 2 flavors of ice cream, lots of fun toppings, and you get to keep the jar. Located at 1537 S Wilson Road Radcliff, Kentucky 40160. Closed Sundays.

Hip Hop Sweet Shop: You can order cakes, cupcakes, and lots of other sweets but ordering a cake shake may be one of the funniest things to choose! Pick your favorite cupcake and have it blended into a milkshake to make one of the best milkshakes in Louisville! Some of the flavors include: Strawberry Crunch Cake Shake, Triple Chocolate Cake Shake, Birthday Cake Cake Shake, and Cookies N Cream Cake Shake. The bakery is located at 1805 W. Jefferson St. Louisville, KY 40203 or catch them around town when they are out in their mobile bakery.

Boomtown Creamery Your neighborhood ice cream parlor located in the heart of historic downtown New Albany, Indiana! Classic hand-dipped or HUGE unique craft milkshakes. Be prepared for a wait, especially on the weekend. 

Dizzy Whizz
Dizzy Whiz has been making shakes for Louisville since 1947. They have malts, flurries, and shakes that come in three sizes: small, large, and quart!

Louisville Cream
In addition to their ice cream pints found in local grocery stores, Louisville Cream also has a shop on E Market Street, open 5 days a week. Check out their Facebook page, and you’ll see pictures and videos of amazing looking ice cream. While they don’t currently advertise shakes, they have AMAZING looking ice cream floats! Using amazing sodas from Ale 8, NuGrape, IBC, Sioux City, and more, you can pick your ice cream flavor for a perfect, personalized float.

best milkshakes in Louisville

Highview Ice Cream and Coffee

Highview Ice Cream and Coffee Dinks, Frappes, Sundaes and more. Something for everyone at this local spot. Check out their Facebook page and sometimes they offer specials like $1 off shakes on Sundays. 

Prp’s Ice Cream Corner
PRP’s Ice Cream Corner is back open 7 days a week for the season! They had me at butterscotch milkshake.

The Barrel of Fun Ice Cream
The Barrel is located on the Smyrna Parkway. You can’t miss their 12 foot tall red and white stripped barrel.Barrel. This family business has been open for over two and a half decades, and we can’t wait for it to re-open for the season! They have malted shakes and use real fruit in their fruit milkshakes. You can’t go wrong!

Ehrler’s Ice Cream
Ehrler’s on East Main Street is our go-to for a treat when we’re in the downtown area. Ehrler’s has been making quality ice cream for 150 years. Aside for their other delicious treats, they have malts, coffee shakes and multiple flavors of ice cream shakes. Need we say more?

best milkshakes in Louisville

Valley Dairy Freeze, Inc.
Located on the southwest side of Louisville, Valley Dairy Freeze is worth the drive! They have their shakes, Boston shakes, yogurt shakes, smoothies, and malts listed right at the top of their menu. Delicious!

Comfy Cow
The Comfy Cow has five locations across the Louisville area. Known for their handcrafted Ice cream and local community decor, the Comfy Cow has delicious milkshakes!

DairyDel Ice Cream
DairyDel this local gem is known for it’s great milkshakes. You can take your shake to nearby Shelby Park, or stay and enjoy your shakes at their outdoor seating. DairyDel is open 7 days a week so you can get your milkshake fix until 10pm every day.

Graeter’s Ice Cream
At Graeter’s you don’t just choose a milkshake size, you get to select the ice cream flavor, syrup flavor, and optional malt powder. With 5 locations in the Louisville area in addition to more locations over 5 states, Graeter’s is there for you when you have a craving for hand crafted ice cream.

Go the Distance:

Sweet Matriarch Bakery
We couldn’t have a complete milkshake list without mentioning Sweet Matriarch Bakery. It’s outside of Louisville, in Georgetown, Kentucky, about and hour from Louisville. Their Cattywampus Shakes are legendary and worth the wait. Each one is prepared as it is ordered, taking about 5 minutes per shake. You leave with a mason jar, milkshake, a dessert on top of the milkshake, and memories to last a lifetime.


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