Weekend Getaway to Bottleworks Hotel Indianapolis


A one-of-a-kind hotel makes for a fabulous quick weekend getaway to Indianapolis

weekend getaway to Indianapolis

More often, I am looking for quick getaways to explore new places with my kids. As they grow up, traveling becomes easier and it’s super fun to go on weekend trips together. 

If you are looking for a quick weekend getaway to Indianapolis with your kids (or one of your kids!), a stay at Bottleworks Hotel will definitely make it memorable. Bottleworks Hotel hosted us for an overnight so we could tell you more about it. Also, this hotel would be so fun for a trip with friends or a romantic getaway!

weekend getaway to Indianapolis

Instantly when you arrive at Bottleworks Hotel, you know it’s different. Pulling past it to find parking, my daughter just looked in awe down the brick streets and outside of the building noting it was so “retro.” It really does take you back in time but with a modern appeal.

weekend getaway to Indianapolis

Bottleworks Hotel is a new boutique hotel that makes for a more interesting weekend getaway to Indianapolis. This hotel was once part of the largest Coca-Cola bottling facility in the world. It still has ‘shipping’ and ‘receiving’ and Coca-Cola logos embedded into the façade of the building. 

weekend getaway to Indianapolis

We were able to park in a surface lot behind the hotel for just $12 for the 24 hours we needed it. And, luckily, we were able to check in early. When we arrived, we marveled at the colorful lobby and all of the details in the architecture. In the meantime, the staff was able to hold our bags and they planned to text us when our room was ready – which was before the scheduled 3pm. What’s great is right across the street is another part of the old bottling facility that has been converted into a food hall featuring different restaurants. We went right over there to The Garage Food Hall for lunch

At The Garage Food Hall I was able to get lovely grilled chicken salad and my daughter got pizza and a Coca-Cola…just to make it all align. There was a wide selection of other items from lobster rolls to Venezuelan delights. 

Next, we headed to find our room and along the way, we noticed more details from the old bottling facility and how Bottleworks Hotel maintained much of those details but modernized the feel. We also noted the coffee shop café that would be perfect for a grab and go breakfast in the morning. 

weekend getaway to Indianapolis

The hallways are lined with interesting black and white photography and the doors POP in a shiny red. Around the corner from our room there was a photo booth, we took advantage of that of course ($5). 

When we entered our room, our first thought was….ok…this is weird. And then we thought, oh…this is cool! We didn’t immediately enter the bedroom area, there was a kind of entryway built in because they maintained a wall from the original building. So, there was a neat tile wall with windows (with semi-transparent art covering the windows) with a door to the main bedroom. Also in that entryway was a dresser, closet, umbrella to borrow, and the bathroom. The bathroom had a rain shower!

We shared a large king that was positioned not against the wall, but in the middle of the room. That’s different! My tween daughter found the plush velvet couch so amazing – she quickly threw on the hotel robe and got cozy on that couch. We loved the new feel of the hotel blended with 1920’s décor! There was a very large tv that swiveled so you could watch from bed, a desk, coffee maker, and Bluetooth speaker. Our view was over the street and facing The Garage Food Hall which had string lights at night, very nice. 

weekend getaway to Indianapolis

Everything was super comfortable! What also made Bottleworks Hotel perfect was it’s location. After we took in the uniqueness of the room, we headed out to explore the surrounding area. We went into some shops to browse, there are places directly adjacent to the hotel so you don’t have to get in a Uber or drive anywhere!

The first place we had to go to was Gordon’s Milkshakes right across the street. I ordered a peanut butter brownie shake and my daughter got a cookies and cream shake. We took our shakes and headed into the city center along Massachusetts Ave. It’s so convenient that Bottleworks Hotel is on such a main street for things to do and explore on weekend getaway to Indianapolis. 

weekend getaway to Indianapolis

As we headed into the city center, we popped into shops and posed for photos with local outdoor art. We made it to the Soldiers & Sailors Monument for some photos, found the Indiana Statehouse.

weekend getaway to Indianapolis

And, we walked through some parks with other monuments and sculptures. We had fun just using our phone map to walk without a guide and see what we could see! We happened upon the impressive downtown Central Library with a giant and gorgeous open atrium. And…..bathrooms!

Finally, we walked our way back to the Bottleworks Hotel which is in the Chatham Arch area of Indianapolis. While making our way back, we noticed the colorful homes and interesting architecture of that area. Just overall, if you like walking and interesting sights, you will get that navigating around the area surrounding the hotel. 

weekend getaway to Indianapolis

We spent a comfortable night in the hotel, the shower being one of our favorite treats. It was not noisy nor did we have any problems with anything during our stay. I can’t say that about other hotels we have stayed in. We were able to stop into the Garage Food Hall again for some dinner to take back to our room. So convenient! 

In the morning, we got drinks, a muffin, and a homemade granola bar for a quick breakfast from Blue Collar Coffee, which is on the first floor of Bottleworks Hotel. We headed out early to get to the Indianapolis Zoo first thing. Another plus of staying at Bottleworks Hotel, the drive to the Indianapolis Zoo was about 10 minutes. 

weekend getaway to Indianapolis

Now, let’s talk about the Indianapolis Zoo. If you are going to have a weekend getaway to Indianapolis with kids, this place is a great way to spend one of the days. For other ideas, Indy with Kids is also a fantastic resource. You can fill the entire day because they do have exhibits and attractions that we do not have at our local zoo. During current times, you do have to reserve a time so plan ahead. 

We planned our day at Indianapolis Zoo around the shows we wanted to see (Dolphins and Dogs) and the attraction we would try (train). Oh, and food. You need a ticket (included) for the dolphin show so get that when you check in! First, we went through the oceans to touch sharks and stingrays. We got lucky and saw a morning feeding for the penguins and seals. Then, we went to the dolphin show. 

The dolphin show is one of the main attractions for the Indianapolis Zoo. If your kids want to see dolphins, this is the closest zoo to go find them. The show was balanced between entertaining the crowd with the amazing skills of the dolphins and lessons about conservation efforts families can make to help keep the oceans clean. We thought it was very well-done. You can also go underneath the building to see the dolphins swimming. For extra, you can book experiences with the dolphins. This is would be special for a birthday!

We love dogs so we did really enjoy the dog show and all of the rescues doing their special skills. After lunch we shared a chicken finger basket and soda so we didn’t overeat and feel super full the rest of the day and, it was cost-effective. The rest of the day, we worked our way through the areas of the zoo featuring animals from that area – forest or plains etc. The orangutan exhibit is truly something special. It kind of looks like a space ship! You have to see it.

The train ride was a nice break for our feet, they also have an overhead tram ride that looked fun but we didn’t choose that ride since it went over a lot of construction (new exhibit coming). They also have a small roller coaster!

weekend getaway to Indianapolis

Finally, we finished the Indianapolis Zoo at the gift shop to support their efforts and take home a huggable memory. She chose a rhino. And, if you make a left out of the exit and travel between the buildings you will find a path to the pedestrian bridge to White River State Park. We finished at the zoo at about 2pm so we had time for a little walk to explore. It’s a lovely park with public art, open green space, and even a little canal where you can rent foot-pedal boats for family fun. 

weekend getaway to Indianapolis

I couldn’t leave my weekend getaway in Indianapolis and head back down I-65 without taking home treats from Shapiro’s Deli. This place has been a downtown staple for over 100 years.

You can dine in and get an amazing lunch that will keep you full for days. But, the baked goods are really why I went. We brought back a gigantic challah bread, pastries, and a giant slide of cake. Don’t leave without going there!

Bottleworks Hotel, downtown shopping and exploring, Indianapolis Zoo, parks, milkshakes and pastries…that’s the kind of weekend getaway we love!

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