Playcosystem at Bernheim Forest


The Bernheim Playcosystem at Bernheim Forest opens May 22 and is promising to be wild and adventurous play.


Opening May 22, 2021 at Bernheim Forests this play area will offer free wild play and we are excited about it. 

Berhiem Playcosystem A new 10-acre natural playground at Bernheim is designed with nature in mind to provide children with open-ended, physically challenging, and unstructured play opportunities that support healthy development. How wonderful is it to have yet another fantastic, affordable outdoor fun options for families. 

Berhiem Playcosystem is located across from the Visitor Center. You can enter through the Nature Playground, which is a natural playground that meets the developmental needs of young children. Then explore TreeCess in a park-like setting. Children are able to have fun in more adventurous play.

This space leads to the 5-acre Adventure Forest, where children will have free range to unstructured exploration play in the woods. You will be surprised at how much fun kids have and the creativity they show with their play when they have a natural setting that fosters such play. No fancy equipment, just natural play opportunities. They love it. 

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This is just the start of this play area. How exciting! There are plans to keep building, developing, and adding on. Developers have already had two groups of kids, that were from different backgrounds, test out the Playcosystem. They asked the kids their thoughts on the design and really listen to their feedback. The suggestions were considered and changes were made. 

According to an article on Bernheim’s page, “natural playgrounds stimulate children’s imaginations, boost their energy levels, and increase the time they spend playing. When children play in natural spaces, they engage more creatively, work cooperatively, build problem-solving skills, and learn to navigate healthy risk.” We can’t wait to visit this play area and test it out. 

Bernheim Forest is open 7 am-8 pm, daily but always check their website for updates. Their address is 2775 Clermont Rd, Clermont, KY 40110, and is about a 45-minute drive from Louisville.

They recommend a $10 donation per carload when arriving at the gate. Not only do they have the new Bernheim Playcosystem you can still see the Forest Giants, explore lots of trails, and join in summer camp.

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