Sistas Funnelcakes N’ Milkshakes


We are so excited that we found Sistas Funnelcakes N’ Milkshakes located in Germantown. They are some of the best funnel cakes and milkshakes my family has ever had.  


On Mothers Day my sister was scrolling through Facebook and found her favorite treat, a funnel cake. Thought only to be found at the State Fairs, Sistas Funnelcakes N’ Milkshakes proved us wrong. We packed up the kids and headed out to try it.

Located in a food trailer parked in Germantown at 1039 Ash Street, in the rear next to the alley.  This find will have you going back for more. One of my family’s favorite desserts is a good funnel cake. We have been known to seek them out on vacations, at state fairs, and well really anywhere and finally there is a place in Louisville that offers them and they are sooooooooo delicious. Just look at that photo below. It is their Banana Split Funnelcake.

Mouth. Watering. 

At this time they are only open Friday from 6pm-9pm, Saturday 1:00pm-9:00pm and on Sunday 1pm-9pm, but we recommend you always check their Facebook page for updates. On the page, they also list our their funnel cakes and milkshake offering for the day. There is no seating so this is a to-go option only but there are some nice parks in the area to enjoy your funnel cakes or you can walk around the area and explore Germantown. 

Where my sister is a seeker of a great funnel cake, I am more of a milkshake lady. I could make myself sick drinking them. Let me tell you their oreo milkshake creation is now on my list of cravables. Rich, creamy and blended well, this creation was all mine (sorry kids). 

Not only do they have funnelcake’n’milkshakes, they also have slushies with several flavor options and they add fruit snacks to the mix. The kids loved this and ate them all. You can look over their offering on the FB page to see what else they have each week. 

Prices range from $4-$10 for all their offerings. To pay you need cash, Cash App, or Venmo, so be prepared. 

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