FREE Bath Bomb Decorating


Decorate a free bath bomb with your kids!

A simple way to spend some time together and bring home a free bath bomb for a fantastic bath later!

Buff City Soap offers free bath bomb decorating! They have a counter ready for anyone who wants to try out their bath bombs and make their own. Buff City Soap has five locations in the Louisville area (one of which is currently pending opening) so there’s a location near you! (St. Matthews, Jeffersonville, Middletown, NULU, PRP coming soon)

We went to the St. Matthews location while we were out and about for the day. This activity doesn’t take long so you can tie it together with a trip to Brown Park or groceries at Trader Joe’s. Or…..Duck Donuts! Find something to do nearby the other locations and it’s a fun way to stop in somewhere and break up the errands if you dragging the kids along!

At first, we shopped because it was a Tuesday and they had a buy 3 get 1 free deal on certain soaps. We decided on four bars of soap to bring home – 2 for me, 2 for my daughter. The scents ranged from coffee to floral to sweet fruity smells. There’s a local section featuring smells aligned with Louisville places or teams! That’s a fun gift for someone.

They had coffee beans all around to cleanse your nose of one smell before you tried another, it was difficult choosing. Then, we went to the sink and tried out some of the products. It’s a fun experience all around, definitely not like grabbing some random soap at the grocery store. Next, free bath bomb decorating.

After we made our purchases, we went to the Soap Makery area for free bath bomb decorating. I thought maybe just my daughter would decorate a bath bomb. The staff member encouraged my friend and me to make one also. We chose any scent in the store and she gave us pipettes to use to drip it all over the bath bomb. Then, we chose colors to drizzle or dot and added some sparkles for the top. Life needs sparkles.

free bath bomb decorating

The staff member boxed the bath bomb truffle up so nicely, such a cute treat we didn’t expect. This free bath bomb decorating is a super fun and quick thing to do with your kids or a friend. Go for it!

Be sure to follow Buff City Soap on social media to stay up to date on their specials. It’s definitely worth going on a day they have a deal. 

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