Fun Tea Bubble Puff Cake and more


We went in search of Taiwanese treats in Louisville and we found Fun Tea!

Boba tea in Louisville

This tiny shop on Bardstown Road makes endless combinations of flavors for Boba tea in Louisville and so many other treats, there’s for sure something for everyone. 

Fun Tea is open seven days a week from noon to 8pm and is located at 1613 Bardstown Road and is a hot spot for Boba tea in Louisville. This spot is perfect for grabbing a drink or dessert while walking around and exploring the eclectic shops in the area.

Boba tea in Louisville

We had never been to Fun Tea so at first, it was a bit overwhelming to choose from the incredibly wide variety of options. It seemed most people had been there before and they were picking up their usual favorites, lots of Boba tea in Louisville seekers. We also noticed they take online orders in advance so consider this option if you are just doing grab-and-go while shopping. 

Boba tea in Louisville

You can view their menu before you go so you have an idea of what you want. If you are looking for Boba tea in Louisville, the options here are numerous. I found that almost everything can be customized. So, if you look at options on the menu, know that they will make adjustments to your liking whenever they can and that you can “build your own” for items like the bubble puff cake or Taiwanese snow ice.

They have a plethora of tea options. We did not order these but we saw person after person walk by with beautiful multi-layered colorful drinks. We noticed they have non-caffeinated options, mainly fruit drinks, that are great for kids. My son and husband opted for a fruit slushie and smoothie since we went on a hot summer day. My husband got the coconut mango smoothie with a dairy cap. He didn’t know what that was so they let him try it – don’t be afraid to ask if you wan to try something new. My son got a raspberry slushie. Both of them enjoyed their drinks!

My daughter and I had our eyes on the bubble puff cakes. We know this is one of THE spots for Boba tea in Louisville, but we were in the mood for food. We did not eat lunch and so we needed to go big or go find some other place for some food. We stared at the menu options trying to pick one of their signature combination options like Banana Chocolate Bubble Puff or Bubble Cookie Crunch.

Boba tea in Louisville

Instead, we opted to make our own. First, you select an ice cream flavor (Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla), then you choose three toppings (you can get more but three come with it), then a syrup flavor (they had several like chocolate or caramel). You can go way over the top with these bubble puff cakes. 

For four people, we paid around $27 and that included a tip. Inside, the place was very small with little room to eat or drink so my son grabbed one of the two tables outside to claim and we waited for our order. The drinks are made rather quickly because they had so many people working to fulfill orders, it was busy. The bubble puff cakes took a bit longer but nothing too long.

The wait was worth it. I LOVED THIS BUBBLE PUFF CAKE treat. It was fun to pick any combination I want and I already know I want to go back and try one that’s all fruit, since I went all candy this time. While they were making it, you could smell the cake so I knew it would be delicious. The bubble puff cake is like an eggo waffle, but totally fresh – a sweet, eggy, fluffy waffle. I thought the bubbles would be hollow but they were all cake.

They wrap it up in a cylinder container and fill it with your items but they do it very decoratively. It was really impressive. The combination of the ice cream melting into the cake was so tasty, it is my new favorite “ice cream for lunch” item in the city! Next time, I am going to get one that’s all fruit and call it healthy. 

Also on my list to try next time is Taiwan Snow Ice. The flavors are mostly fruity and then you add toppings upon toppings – again, often fruit – for a full meal of frozen snow ice and whatever you want! Since so many people go to Fun Tea looking for Boba tea in Louisville, I will probably give that a try as well. You will have to visit Fun Tea many times to try all of the varieties of drinks and desserts they offer. 

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