List of Donut Shops in Louisville serving the best donuts


Are you looking for the best donuts in Louisville? Here’s a list of amazing places to try. You can decide which donuts you love best!


best donut shops Louisville

If you are looking for the best donuts in the city, you will have to taste test them all. There are many incredible bakeries and donut shops around our city that can easily claim they have the ones to beat!

Donut shops are all over Louisville and they each have their own styles and specialties. Why not try them all? That’s quite the goal! Our family loves to find the donut shops around places we visit in the city (ice cream too but that’s an entirely different post).

Have a sweet time tasting donuts from all over town to find the best donut in Louisville!

Annie May’s Sweet Café (3110 Frankfort Ave): They are a gluten-free, nut-free, and soy-free bakery that caters to those with all food allergies. 

Clifton Donut Shop (2317 Brownsboro Rd): All donuts are made fresh daily in house. They have a variety of donuts and cake donuts for your selection.

Donut Sky (6470 N. Preston Hwy)

Duck Donuts (4600 Shelbyville Road) Build your own donut flavors or choose one of their flavor options. They serve cake donuts. 

Dunkin’ Donuts (multiple locations in the Louisville area): This 70 year-old chain boasts over 11,000 stores worldwide. Many have drive-thru and that’s always helpful!

Golden Gate Donuts (8605 Smyrna Pkwy Unit 103): Donuts, Danishes, French cruellers, cake donuts too! Oh…and bear claws, I’ll take two. 

Heitzman Traditional Bakery and Deli. (9426 Shelbyville Rd): They have butter kuchen and donuts galore.

Heitzman Bakery (4749 Dixie Hwy and 3333 Bardstown Rd): Glazed, chocolates, twists, and tiger tails are on the menu.

Hi-Five Doughnuts (1011 E. Main St): Is this one of the best donut shops in Louisville? Unique, local and eccentric fare. Sweets for the sweet, from ruthless to toothless, we cater to all palates. You can even build your own doughnuts!

Honey Crème Donuts (514 Vincennes St. New Albany, IN): Custom donuts made to order as well as regular donuts to buy

Jeff’s Bakery Donuts

Jeff’s Bakery (5420 IN-62, Ste 300 Jeffersonville, Indiana): Nearby to Louisville! Try their GIANT Texas donut which can have any of their icing, glaze or topping added to it. This place is open 24 hours! OPENING SOON IN LOUISVILLE late 2021. Location will be: 6401 New Dutchman’s Pkwy and check their Facebook page for updates on opening date. 

King Donuts (608 Lyndon Lane) and King Donuts (5520 New Cut Rd): Donuts, Danishes, and more!

Krispie Kreme (Multiple locations in the Louisville area): This chain opened in 1937 and now boasts over 1000 stores around the world!

Nord’s Bakery (2118 South Preston Hwy): They have maple bacon doughnuts plus lots more! Could this be one of the best donut shops in Louisville? With bacon on top….quite possibly. 

best donut shops in Louisville


North Lime Coffee & Donuts (1228 S 7th St): Pretty unique donuts and a cool setting. They claim they are lifechanging, try that for yourself and see. 

North Lime Donuts

Pastry Plus (7407 Fegenbush Ln): They have butterfly donuts and much, much more.

Plehn’s Bakery (3940 Shelbyville Rd): They offer coffeecakes, kuchens, and a wide variety of Danish and donuts. This is a Louisville staple. 

best donut shops in Louisville

Plehn’s Bakery


Tasty Donuts (8683 Preston Hwy): They have glazed, chocolate covered, fun toppings, fritters, and more. Kolaches too!

Sugar & Spice Donuts (5613 Bardstown Rd): Get their early for their custards, apple fritters, and twists.

Thornton’s (Various locations around the city): They make their own donuts and they are really very good, many people say they are their favorite and can’t believe they are served up at a gas station convenience store. 

Williams Bakery (1051 N. Clark Blvd Clarksville, IN): An old fashioned bakery where you can order cakes, cookies, breads, donuts and other items.

Wiltshire Bakery & Café (901 Barrett Ave): On Sundays they have glazed and filled donuts.

Yum! Donut shops every way you turn, you pick which are the best donut shops in Louisville.
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