Louisville Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt


This year, the hunt for amazing Christmas lights in Louisville is very popular! We are making it even more fun for families.

Louisville Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt

Make a fun game out of looking for lights with a scavenger hunt!

We have been out on our own Louisville Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt looking at lights in neighborhoods and seeing so many more this year. People have gone all out to bring joy to others by decorating more for 2021. 

We know from all of your internet searching that you are doing the same! Over my morning coffee, I decided to whip up a quick scavenger hunt. Give it to your kids for your evening outings leading up to Christmas and even after. It’s not like people are going to turn those lights off right away.

As my kids have gotten into their tween and teen (eek) years, I think they are not going to like these kinds of activities. It’s not true! We have made an event out of it like going to the movies. We pack a drink, I let them pick out a special candy to take with them, we bring blankets to get cozy, and we play holiday music in the car. Now, you have a scavenger hunt to use too!

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First, we have a version that is all filled out. It includes some of the items we have found while looking in addition to some challenging ones! Use your Louisville Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt by clicking the image to get a FREE PDF version to print. Clip board and markers ready, head out on the quest to find them all.

Free Printable Scavenger Hunts!

Louisville Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt – Completely Filled Out

Also, we have also included a version of our Louisville Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt that has several blanks. You can have your family fill in those blanks together to hunt for them all and see who can find them first. Or, you can each make different versions and then randomly draw others to try to find the ones someone else created! This is fun for older children who like friendly competition. Be sure to set rules about just how difficult you want to make it!

Fill-in-the-blank Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt

Maybe as a family you pick a simple prize for winning your Louisville Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt. Perhaps the winner will get to pick the holiday movie to watch the next evening. Or, what’s for breakfast the next morning. My kids always like to be in charge of those!

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