Sandbox Snack Co


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Did you know that Louisville has a locally made healthy snack company? Find out more about Sandbox Snack Co below. 

We would like you to meet Adam Hoette, the founder of Sandbox Snack Co. They are a Louisville-based company dedicated to making awesome snacks for active families. Their products are a line of protein cookie bake mixes, all of which are oat-based, gluten-free, and contain real fruits and vegetables. They’re also super easy to make – just add water, mix, scoop and bake!

Adam started the company to serve active families just like his. With two kids under the age of ten, his family is always doing something – even when they are not doing anything!  Sports, school activities, exploring the outdoors…you name it. His family is busy just like any other family. 

Snacks obviously play a big part of his and his family’s daily lives and they got tired of eating the same old prepackaged bars and other even less nutritious snacks, so Adam thought he could create something that was a little more fun and interesting, in addition to being a better alternative to some of the usual suspects. After some trial and error, we eventually created a product that checked all the boxes – it tastes great, it’s easy to make, it’s actually nutritious, and it’s the perfect snack size.

Sandbox Snack Co., launched in September 2021 and can be found online on their website and they couldn’t be more excited to share these mixes with other families.  “You never know what’s going to happen when you flip that “on” switch and put something out into the world, but I’m excited to say that the reception among our early customers has been so positive and fun to see!. Families seem to love the easy preparation of the product above all else, with the nutrition coming in a close second.: Says found Adam.

Head over to their website,, and sign up for emails. It will keep you in the loop with news and special offers. If you ever decide to buy, send them a message with your feedback, they would love to hear from you! (Or, better yet, send them some photos of your kids making their own cookies!)

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