Free Season Pass to Kentucky Kingdom for kids ages 3-5


Limited time offer from Kentucky Kingdom for you to get a free season pass for your pre-K child. 

Register online for a free 2022 pass for Kentucky Kingdom for your 3-5 year old child. 

Free Season Pass for Kentucky Kingdom Information:

This is a new program for 2022 and of course, you will want to get a pass for yourself so you can go with your child. But, that is a big savings for pre-school age children to be able to get a free pass!

If you don’t want to get a season pass for yourself, you will have to buy tickets each time you go since of course, minors must be accompanied at Kentucky Kingdom. And, season passes include parking, that’s an added expense to consider if you do not get a season pass for yourself. 

Season Passes for others ages 6 to adult: Silver level passes for 2022 are $59.99 and Gold level passes with a couple of additional benefits for 2022 are $69.99. 

free season pass to Kentucky Kingdom You register for the pass online and then you have to activate the pass when you go the first time. You will need valid proof of the child’s birth – birth certificate, Green Card, passport. The date of birth must be displayed. They will be able verify that your child is 3-5 and activate your free pass.

Can you get more than one? Yes! If you have more than one child in this age range, you can register for one for each child. 

free season pass to Kentucky Kingdom

You do not need to get a pass for any child under the age of 3 because children ages birth to age 2 get in free everyday to Kentucky Kingdom anyway!

Click here to register for your free season pass to Kentucky Kingdom for a pre-K child age 3-5

Kentucky Kingdom says your pre-K child can go on 25+ attractions designed specifically for them!  So, your free season pass to Kentucky Kingdom will go a long way. King Louie’s Playland is designed for younger children and so is the Splash Zone at Hurricane Bay. Everyone loves to cool off by being splashed over from a huge tipping bucket of water. 

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