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*this article was written in exchange for tickets to the clinic 

The winter Olympics are coming and we got to experience one of the sports that has grown in popularity over the years, Curling.  

Curling is a fun sport that anyone can learn to do.

On a chilly December morning, I picked up my niece and nephew and drove to Alpine Ice Arena to participate in the Debry City Curling Clubs Learn to Curl clinic.

Curling in Louisville

We were greeted at the registration table by a Curling club member and asked for our vaccine card, you can also have a negative covid test if not vaccinated. I was prepared with all the cards needed due to a very informative and organized email the club sent with all the details that I needed for the two-hour event.

I was also asked to sign a basic waiver and given instructions on where to find equipment. They do ask the kids wear helmets when on the ice. You can bring your own if you don’t want to borrow one. 

Once we were fitted with the proper equipment and before going on the ice, the whole group gathered to watch a short video and as a bonus, they had donuts for us all. After the video, we were split into our groups and headed out on the ice to do some curling in Louisville.

I highly recommend good athletic shoes with warm socks (maybe more than one pair) and bundling up enough where you can still be flexible on the ice. I had on gloves, a warm coat, lined pants, and a few layers up top, I forgot my hat and wished I had it. The kids pretty much had the same things on.

Don’t forget your mask, it is required at the time this article was written. 

We were ready to do some Curling in Louisville! Once gathered on the ice we did some introductions and instructions. We learned how to keep score, what the positions were, and how the game is played. 

Our first lesson was on how to throw the stone, or make it go without falling over. This is a lot of fun and the kids really enjoyed learning how to do it. They start you off easy so you really get the feel for it but you get a support the whole time so you don’t injure yourself, being a newbie.

Curling in Louisville

After we perfected our throwing it was time for a match. Our group split into teams, divide up the positions, and gave it our best shot. The kids and I had a blast during out Curling in Louisville session traying to navigate the game and score on or near the button. My team did not come out victories, but the kid’s team did, so it was a win for all. 

While learning how to play we also learned about the sport. It is considered a gentleman’s sport, with no officials. Team members are expected to report their own fouls to the other team and to keep score. If there is a disagreement, it is discussed amount the teams, and a decision is made.

This is even at the Olympic level. Curling has been around since the 16th century and was first played in Scotland on iced over ponds. 

Overall Curling in Louisville was a really fun. It is great for you older kids and a really fun experience for everyone. It is $50 per person to attend the clinic and I feel it is worth it.

The Derby City Curling Club is working toward building its own facility in the next 5 years and the money from the clinic helps them get closer to this goal. You can also become a member of the club and get ice time weekly with the fee. From what I heard it is a fun night of learning, playing, and making friends. I know that this clinic got my nephew hooked and he cannot wait to try more Curling. 

Coming up on January 13, 2022, the club is hosting an Open House. You will get the opportunity to throw a curling stone, learn how to sweep, and even get your photo taken with Olympic Curling Gold Medalist Tyler George. You can check the club’s website for more information. 

Curling in Louisville

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