Top 10 Ways to Beat the Heat this Summer – Louisville, KY


Summer is officially here! If your family is like mine, you’ll soon be in search of a way to cool off. Check out these tips to beat heat this summer in Louisville.

beat the heat in Louisville

Do you need some indoor fun this summer to beat the heat in Louisville? Or, maybe some pools or spraygrounds to stay cool? Here are some ideas!

10. Bowling alleys are a great way to beat the heat in Louisville – generally open morning to late in the evening. And, in the summer, they stay nice and cool! Here are the kids bowl free locations around town.

9. Prefer air conditioning to beat the heat in Louisville? Here is an awesome list of indoor fun………and you can enjoy the A/C and get out of the sun. I am not a fan of sun screen application so, indoors is a top choice for me. 

8. Make sure you get a Cultural Pass for each of your kids.  There are many indoor places to explore and it’s free for the kids and an accompanying adult. Information here.

beat the heat in Louisville

7. Head in a cave. Like we don’t have many around the area?! Indeed we do. How about Morengo Cave in Indiana. You’ll even need a sweatshirt when you are in the cave because it is just that temperature. Click here for tips for visiting Morengo Cave. 

6. Visit a local spray-ground or splash park. Here are a list of area options. This is definitely a lot of families’ go to option to stay cool on hot days. And, there may be some “new to you” places to explore. Go for it!

Newly renovated Tyler Park – click for info

5. Go see a movie…you might even need a sweater! This is usually a pricey option for families, but during the summer, there are several theaters and other venues showing movies for free or cheap. See our latest summer movie discount list for details

4. Grab some a fancy, huge milk shakes to beat the heat in Louisville. These have been the rage the past couple of years so there are several places that offer up unique milk shakes. Click here for some ideas

beat the heat in Louisville

3. Prefer a traditional cone to ? Check out some of Louisville’s best ice cream shops.
The Barrel of Fun Ice Cream
The Comfy Cow
Valley Dairy Freeze
Dairy Dell
Louisville Cream

2. Visit a local water park or pool.
All About Kids: (We have a lot of info about AAK on our site)
John W. Black Aquatic Center
Mary T. Meagher
YMCA Greater Louisville
Clarksville Cove 
Plainview Swim Center
EP Tom Sawyer State Park

beat the heat in Louisville

1. Try indoor ice skating – you will definitely beat the heat…..and even need gloves. You can indeed ice skate during the summer! Available locations.

Whatever you do, take some pictures and enjoy making awesome memories with your family!  Like us on Facebook and tell us about the fun you are having. 


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