Taylor’s Cereal Bowl Kitchen


When we heard about Taylor’s Cereal Bowl Kitchen we were intrigued and knew we needed to check it out so we loaded up the kids and drove across the river for an adventure. 


A hot summer day in the middle of another heat wave and no one wants to go outside just to melt it was the perfect day to check out Taylor’s Cereal Bowl Kitchen in Jeffersonville. A unique idea for the area, it was perfect for an afternoon treat. 

The first thing that I noticed when we arrived was how well decorated and kid-friendly the inside was. It has bright colors, ice cream decore, well-displayed selections, and a big area for sitting and playing. 

They offer three types of ice cream – vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. You can get a scoop or make it into a milkshake. After your flavor has been picked, next up is the type of cereal that you want to be mixed into your shake or as a topping on your scoop. You can also pick traditional type toppings such as sprinkles, sauces, and whip cream. They do have kid sizes and adults can order them too. They also offer holiday specials, such as, Independence Day pops cereal on top of vanilla ice cream. Regular shakes are $8.99, Vegan shakes are $10.99, and Kid’s cups are $4.99. If you want to include that full sensory inclusive experience it is $14.99 and that includes an ice cream scoop. They do have some other offerings that you can choose from as well.   

We got 3 shakes and 2 kid cups with toppings. My sister and I were not sure what we wanted so we asked for a recomndations. After hearing some mouth-watering options, my sister went with a Reeses Cereal Peanut Butter Shake and I went with an Oreo Cereal Shake. We were not disappointed. At first, we both thought we would not finish them but never fear, we did. 


The kids got their ice cream treats and discovered the land of play that is sensory friendly. There are several tables set up with activities for kids to do and you can do an add-on to your ice cream to get a sensory inclusive experience that included headphones, an interactive screen that has different activities kids can choose from, and other games that are neurodivergent. They actually market themselves as Taylor’s Cereal Bowl Kitchen Neurodicergent Ice Cream Shop. 

On top of all the things they offer for the kids and you, they also have birthday parties at the shop. You can call them to find out what options they have and how to book one. 

I asked the kids what their favorite part of the adventure to Taylor’s Ceral Bowl Kitchen was, and they all agreed it was playing with toys while eating their ice cream. We had a great time and will be visiting again soon. Prices are a little more than what I was expecting to pay but the quality was good, the kids were entertained, and it was plenty of ice cream, so worth it. 

More ice cream options! 

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