Letters from Santa


Letters from Santa direct to your child! Add some special magic to this holiday season. Also, where to drop off Letters to Santa around Louisville.


Letters from Santa Louisville

Many people are wondering where they can drop off letters to Santa and get a return letter from the North Pole. There are places around town that have special mailboxes. Some of them will send letters back. Also, there are options for mailing away letters to Santa or ordering letters from the North Pole. We have them all listed below. Have fun!

Letters from Santa

The City of New Albany Parks and Recreation has a fun opportunity for you to drop of letters to Santa. They have a direct line to Santa so your child will get one back! The mailbox is at Silver Street Park. Your kids can draw pictures or write a letter, be sure to seal it in an envelope and put your return address on it so the elves at the North Pole will know where to send your letter from Santa. RETURN ADDRESS IS VERY IMPORTANT!
The mailbox will be at the main entrance of building – 2022 Drop off times: Mon-Fri beginning Nov 14 9a-8pm; Sat & Sun 10a-8pm, Closed Nov 24-26. The last day to drop off your letter to Santa and get a reply is December 12th. The Santa Mailbox is located at 2043 Silver Street, New Albany, IN 47150.

Oldham County Parks and Recreation

Oldham County Parks also has a contact at the North Pole. You can fill out a form online and they send it directly to Santa, how efficient! Click here for a link to the form and instructions.  Please note, the actual form is incorrect based on their Facebook post, the deadline to submit your form is December 15 to make sure Santa’s elves have enough time to respond. Fill out the form and send it to the address on the form.

In Jeffersontown, at City Hall, kids can drop off letters for Santa. If you include a name and return address, we are told they will get a letter back from the North Pole. Perfect letters from Santa Louisville opportunity! 

mail letters to Santa Louisville

Mailbox in Paristown by Fete de Noel

Fete de Noel is taking place again in 2022 in Paristown complete with the skating rink, special events like holiday market days, and they also have a special mailbox specifically for mailing your letters to Santa. Ice skating, hot chocolate, letters to Santa – sounds perfect. Brent Street’s special  mailbox that delivers mail directly to the North Pole. Letters may be dropped off through Dec.  24th. They do not indicate if children will get letters in return. 

Your child can send a letter to Santa Claus, Indiana and they will for sure get a response back (if received by 12/12/22 – this is using a date from the past because when we updated this post the date on their link was blank!) because, after all, it is Santa Claus, Indiana! Click this link for details. Donations are appreciated and can be send with the letter. Use this letter template to make sure you don’t forget the RETURN ADDRESS!


Here’s a letter from Santa Louisville!

Letters from Santa Louisville! I needed a letterhead to create a custom letter from Santa to my child. I wanted the letter from Santa Louisville – based, authentic and unique for my child.

But, I couldn’t find anything that fit what I needed and I wanted it sent to Louisville! Instead of spending more time scouring the internet, I created one. Then, I realized other folks might want one as well.

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