Wendt’s Wildlife Adventure


Wendt’s Wildlife Adventure is located east of Lexington in Carlisle, Kentucky, just under two hours from Louisville.

Wendt's Wildlife Adventure

This family owned exotic animal zoo opened to the public a couple of years ago, so everything looks pretty nice and new. It’s a great place to visit for all ages. It feels safe, clean, and the animals all look well kept with the animals looking very healthy, happy, and friendly.

At  Wendt’s Wildlife Adventure, you can walk around the farm, both indoors and outdoors, to see, feed, and interact with lots of interesting animal species. Opening April 1, 2023 for the season. 


Tickets for the day (prices as of March 2023):

Adults (16-64) $11.99+tax

Children (3-15) $9.99 + tax

Children 2 and under – FREE

Seniors, Military, First Responders $10.99 +tax

Wendt's Wildlife Adventure

While there, we were able to feed sloths, kangaroos, camels, emus, llamas, African Crested porcupines, and so much more. We also enjoyed petting a six month old kangaroo, multiple goats, bunnies, tortoises, and pigs. We saw a toucan, capybaras, lots of reptiles, and a sweet talking cockatoo who says, “Hey baby, I love you.”

Wendt's Wildlife Adventure

*While most of the animals were happy to accept food from us all day, the sloths were most active the first hour Wendt’s was open. They love the carrot sticks! Wendt's Wildlife Adventure


Our favorite part of the day was feeding the birds in the Parakeet Encounter (when we were there, Wendt’s was selling cups of carrots for ~$3, food sticks for parakeets for ~$3, and ice cream cones of feed for ~$1.50).

Wendt's Wildlife Adventure

*If you like to be mobbed by parakeets, get there early. If you prefer one parakeet on your feed stick at a time, or just like to watch the birds without them flying to you, visit them after lunchtime.

We watched the pig races which were held three times during the day. There were four different races, and a lot of very funny jokes. The MC really hammed it up. This was a special feature of Memorial Day weekend events at Wendt’s Wildlife Adventure. 

Wendt's Wildlife Adventure
We brought snacks and drinks with us to eat at the Wendt’s Wildlife Adventure picnic tables (outside food is permitted), but we also bought food, drink, and kettle popcorn while there because it looked so good, and the prices are very reasonable considering there’s not much choice in the immediate area (drinks were ~$1.50-$2.50, small popcorn was ~$4).

You can also leave, go eat lunch off site, and then go back to Wendt’s. The hand stamp upon entry is good all day.

My kids played on the playground at Wendt’s Wildlife Adventure which has big slides, swings, balance beams, sandbox, and a water spraying elephant. We also explored the creek that runs through the property (and yes, we did see a water snake). Thanks to Wendt’s excellent website, we were prepared with water shoes and towels to check out the creek.

*On a hot day, you may want to stand in the elephant spray. You can get drenched. Pack a change of clothes or swimsuit under your clothes accordingly.

One of our other favorite parts of the day was the Safari Adventure at Wendt’s Wildlife Adventure. This is a 20-30 minute wagon ride around the property where the camels, zebras, ostriches, long horn steer, elk, bison and other animals roam the grounds. 
Wendt's Wildlife Adventure For only ~$5 each, we almost went on the Safari Adventure a second time. While some of the animals came close to the wagon, most just watched from nearby.

While at Wendt’s we also checked out the Daniel Boone historic site which is down the road from the animal area. You can take a short drive or take a short walk to it. Daniel Boone once lived and hunted on Wendt’s land. There is a cabin there which was built by Boone in 1795.

You can go inside the cabin and check it out, but it is also right on the fence line where the zebras, camels, ostriches, and rheas hang out. We got some AMAZING pictures of them very close up. They were so interested in seeing what we were up to by the cabin.

After we left Wendt’s Wildlife Adventure, we headed toward home. On our way, we stopped by Paris, Kentucky.

We took a picture with the Eiffel Tower, grabbed some coffee and snacks at Happy People Coffee Company (there are several good cafes in Paris), and checked out The Nannine Clay Wallis Arboretum.

The Arboretum is open to the public, sunrise to sunset, free of charge. The Wallis Arboretum is considered one of the finest old tree collections in Central Kentucky. The first trees were planted here in the mid-1850s. We really enjoyed taking pictures with all of the beautiful flowers there.
We really enjoyed our day, and look forward to heading back to Wendt’s Wildlife Adventure soon!

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