Inclusive playground and splashpad in New Albany

We visited the new inclusive playground and splash pad designed for children with special needs in New Albany.

  splashpad in New Albany

The Kevin Hammersmith Memorial Park debuted their much awaited inclusive playground and splash pad in May 2022.

We are so excited to tell you about a new splashpad in New Albany. This playground and splashpad in New Albany is in Floyd county, IN and won the Exceptional Design Park Award in 2020. It is designed with the newest features so that children of all levels and abilities can interact and play with no boundaries!


We had so much fun at the new inclusive playground in New Albany and splashpad designed for children with special needs. The drive time varies depending on what part of Louisville you are coming from but it’s under 30 minutes from most areas in Louisville and very well worth it!

The fully enclosed design at this playground in New Albany features a sensory wave climber, inclusive swings, musical instruments, large slides, and even 2 zip lines! It’s always challenging to find a park able to accommodate a large age range of children, but this one did exactly that! 

playground in New Albany  

The kids particularly enjoyed the wave climber where little ones can walk along the top while the bigger kids play with the more intricate sensory toys and noise makers around the outside.

splashpad in New Albany

There were also shaded spaces around the playground with large musical instruments, as well as games scattered throughout the play area.

For the parents’ convenience, benches are located around the fence so you can relax while you watch your kids play. The best part is that you don’t have to worry if you lose sight for a moment because the play area is fully fenced in! This is a huge bonus for me because it allows me to feel more comfortable and safe since I’m usually out with my three smaller children alone. 

playground in New Albany

Do not underestimate how wet your kids at this splashpad in New Albany!? The splashpad is located directly in front of the enclosed play area so you can do this all together! Plan accordingly. Swimwear or extra clothes and towels are an absolute must.

splashpad in New Albany

The favorite feature of the splashpad in New Albany was definitely the giant cup that fills up with water then dumps out soaking anyone in its path. They also loved trying to spray their friends (and me) by moving around all of the spraying features like water guns.

Per the sign at the park in 2022, the splashpad is open 11am-7pm. Subject to change.

  playground in New Albany

Luckily the large and shaded seating area for parents is out of reach from all the water toys. The staircase seating leads up to a covered faux grass area where you can lay out your towels, and eat your kids snacks in peace. Did I mention it’s shaded?! 

splashpad in New Albany

The bathrooms were also very clean and located directly behind the splash pad in a covered pavilion with picnic tables for if you brought a lunch! 

There are also baseball fields located within walking distance so if you get lucky enough to go during a baseball game, don’t miss out on the opportunity to get some yummy concession stand snacks! I know it’s always a big hit with my kids. If the concession is closed, there is also a vending machine for drinks located next to the restrooms. 


While you’re visiting, you could also take a walk on the ¾ mile trail and check out the artwork by Floyd county/New Albany students. The park also has a covered and lit basketball court for older kids and teens which received the “Court of the Month” from Nova Sports in 2019. 


Don’t forget to check out our list of local parks as well if your looking for closer options in Louisville! 



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