Inclusive Hillview Playground

Hillview Playground is designed for all children to enjoy

Hillview playground

If you are looking for a new playground to explore, this offers many slides, swings and it has an adjacent sprayground. 

The new Hillview playground is inclusive – it is designed to be accessible for all children. Located at 298 Prairie Drive 40229, this playground has ramps and unique features intended to make playing possible for any child who visits the playground. 

Hillview playground

As you can see from the photos, there are ramps that allow all children to access parts of the playground. Also, the merry-go-round does not require a step up. They also have swings to meet child’s needs so they too can enjoy the thrill of getting up high on the swing! They have a wheelchair swing and park officials discourage those who do not need it from using it so that the equipment lasts as long as it can. 

Hillview playground

We love telling families about different play areas around Louisville. Even if Hillview Playground is not close to you, it is worth packing a picnic lunch and heading there for the day because the activities are free. In the spring and fall months, the sunshine will feel good! In the warmer months, maybe a morning or evening playdate at Hillview playground would work best to beat the heat. 

The Hillview sprayground is also adjacent to the Hillview playground. In the warmer months, this can provide some cool-down time for kids after playing. 

They are looking to expand upon the playground to add covered picnic areas and since opening, they have been working on completing the fence around the playground. 

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