Hauck’s Corner – Outdoor dining & play


Hauck’s Corner on Goss Ave offers a casual dining atmosphere with outdoor entertainment for the family

Are you looking for a place to eat with kids that allows them to wiggle around and play? 

Hauck’s Corner is in a location that has been serving the Schnitzelburg community for quite some time, since 1912. It just wasn’t always a restaurant. But, this restaurant is named after the first owners of the shop to occupy this space. It’s a cool piece of local history kept alive by converting it into something great for families today. 

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The current restaurant owners worked to preserve some of what made this place one of a kind. So, not only is a very newly renovated space, it is really interesting to go see what they have kept to make it a unique place to eat and hang out. The vibe is like nothing else in Louisville. 

The menu is very family-friendly. They have a kids menu that offers staples of what I know my kids would like – chicken, grilled cheese, burgers. They also have a wide-range of items of the menu for parents from salads to sandwiches. I do think the ‘shareables’ part of the menu is the most tasty, could make a meal out of those! My daughter had tenders and fries, which she really liked. I had a chicken sandwich with sweet potato fries which was also really tasty. 

What I liked was how casual it was. You sit where you want so go in and check it all out and pick if you want inside or outside and where. Seriously, the outdoor space is way bigger than I thought so go explore before you pick where to sit. You order at the bar and get your drinks. They will give you a buzzer and when it goes off, you pick up your food from an attached food truck in the back part of the restaurant. It was very efficient for lunch on a Tuesday.

The Hauck’s Corner drink menu is also pretty neat with vintage options as well as soda-fountain cocktails. If you are going to go and stay for a while, the kids will be able to get their wiggles out. 

Hauck’s Corner has dedicated outdoor space that’s perfect for families. Sticking with their vintage theme, they have old school rocking horses and other retro features that kids will love. Even the seating is a nice blend of salvaged items and current furniture. They have corn hole, a chalk wall, and televisions throughout. The outdoor space is surprisingly large!

Hauck's Corner

They have a playset with swings that although not large for many kids, does provide just enough for their outdoor area. The ground in the play area is rubber mulch and there’s a huge tree that provides shade.

Hauck's Corner

Hauck’s Corner also offers Sunday Brunch with a special menu and Bingo on Sunday nights, along with other events and specials. 

Hauck’s Corner is located at 1000 GOSS AVE, LOUISVILLE, KY 40217 and is open 7 days a week from 11am to 2am. 

Hauck's Corner

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