Thomas Dairy Farm & Market in Cecilia, KY

Every fall, Louisville families look for that farm day experience with the quintessential ingredients – chill in the air, corn maze, pumpkin picking, hay rides, and picture-perfect moments.  Thomas Dairy Farm & Market delivers that as an annual day trip to remember.

They have the best corn maze near Louisville

Thomas Dairy Farm and Market offers so many different activities for families. Kids of all ages will have fun since they have haunted attractions as well as things like jumping pads. And, if you are looking for a corn maze near Louisville, their two mazes are fantastic. 

Daytime fall farm fun for 2023 will be September 16-November 4. You can purchase advance tickets and save. Use code FALL2023 and save 15%!

  • General Admission (age 4-59) $12/person includes mega slides, hayride to the pumpkin patch, corn pit, jump pad, barnyard games, playground, large corn maze, small corn maze, animal farm, tire climb, tot spot, sunflower field (when in bloom)
  • Senior Admission (age 60+) $9/person includes mega slides, hayride to the pumpkin patch, corn pit, jump pad, barnyard games, playground, large corn maze, small corn maze, animal farm, tire climb, tot spot, sunflower field (when in bloom)
  • Daytime Paintball Admission $19/person includes general admission + 100 paintball for shooting range 
  • Gem Mining Admission $22/person includes general admission + large mining rough bag
  • Deluxe Admission $29/person includes general admission + 100 paintballs for shooting range + large mining rough bag
  • 3 and under are free

You’re kids will definitely have plenty of space to burn off some energy!

Deluxe admission is $27/person. Includes general admission + large mining rough bag for gem mining experience + 75 paintballs for shooting range (ONLY SATURDAY AND SUNDAY AND OCTOBER 9-13).

General Admission season pass is $25/person ($20 for seniors). It can be used as many times as you’d like to visit!

thomas dairy farm and market

Thomas Dairy Farm and Market Flashlight corn maze is every Friday and Saturday night starting September 29th. Not scary since it’s their regular daytime corn maze only at night!

Their food truck is open every Saturday and Sunday with BBQ, hamburgers, hot dogs, and more! The ice cream stand is open every Saturday and Sunday.

The corn maze theme this year is “Pirates” commemorating their 10th season as that was their first theme 10 years ago.

New to the farm this season is the Apple Cannons “The General” and “The Colonel”. Guests can purchase apples in a small bucket (4 apples/$5) or big bucket (10 apples/$10) to shoot at targets in the field.

Zombie Paintball is SO MUCH FUN!!

Zombie Paintball Hayride and The Woods begins Friday, September 29th. Runs every Friday and Saturday night through October 28th. Begins at 8 pm.
Some notes from the farm:
  • Zombie Paintball is $22/person and includes 125 paintballs to shoot at live zombies in the field. Suitable for all ages as it is minimally scary.
  • The Woods $22/person includes admission to The Haunted trail that runs through the woods and a corn maze. This is SCARY and is recommended for ages 13+.
  • Combo ticket $40/person includes Zombie Paintball + The Woods 

thomas dairy farm and market

Save the date for:

Opening night for Zombie Paintball & The Woods- Friday September 29, 2023

Sunflower Weekends at the Farm Sept 30-Oct 7

Aaron Harp Magic 2pm & 4pm October 14

Limestone Creek Music 3-6pm Oct 15

Matt McDougal Music 2-5pm Oct 21

John Langley Music 2-5pm Oct 22

Pups and Pumpkins Weekend Oct 28-29

Here are some helpful tips:

thomas dairy farm and market

1. Dress appropriately! You definitely want old sneakers or boots and comfortable play clothes. Layer for the chill in the evening. This is a working farm and there is a lot for the kids to dive into (literally). The pumpkin field was a seek-and-find due to tall weeds this year. While this made the choice of pumpkins easier and the kids had a great time trying to find the pumpkins, you’ll regret it if you wear shorts.

thomas dairy farm and market

2. Don’t buy pumpkins anywhere else! We went pumpkin-picking and got six various-sized pumpkins for a TOTAL of $12! Prepare to carry a HUGE pumpkin to the wagon. Their pumpkins and flower costs are well below other pumpkin farms in the area, so you can go as big as you want in pumpkin size. Their top price was $15 per pumpkin. Also, you can have all the fun of picking your pumpkin out of the field, but then come back and switch it for one of their better looking pumpkins by the register. (prices may have changed)
*Pumpkins range in price based on size and range from $1-$15. They have over 75 different varieties
thomas dairy farm and market

thomas dairy farm and market

3. Plan to stay a while with the whole family! Between the mazes, hay rides, slides, swings, corn pit, jump pillow and SO MUCH MORE there is plenty to  keep everyone busy for quite a while.

4. Bring a picnic. While they do have reasonably priced food, snacks and drinks at Thomas Dairy Farm, you can bring your own cooler and save some money. They want you to feel at home. There are plenty of tables and open areas to sit and eat. Pack s’more ingredients for the campfire that they start up at sunset.

5. Prepare to get lost in the 8 acre corn maze near Louisville…some have even resorted to cheating to get out! It’s challenging so if you love corn mazes, this is one to visit. There’s also a little corn maze for kids and the corn is shorter so you can see them. They have even added a sunflower maze. This year, they are designed after Alice in Wonderland for 2022! They games they have for the corn maze make it really unique and fun. 

thomas dairy farm and market

6. Bring warm clothes (jackets, etc.) and prepare to stay late and get scared…or not. They have a couple fire pits to sit around when it gets dark. The Zombie Paintball Hayride is not scary, but super fun to ride in the dark of night with the music blaring. But The Woods is not for children or faint of heart. Enter at your own risk!

thomas dairy farm and market


7. Your kids WILL be happily gross when they get home with corn coming out of every pocket and hay stuck to everything. From the giant corn kernel tub, to the giant inflatable pillow, to the never ending corn maze, to the climbable hay stacks, your kids will come home dirty, dusty, and sweaty. Nice and tired, too.
thomas dairy farm and market
8. PLAY with your kids. Our kids laughed so hard and cheered for us when we went down the slide. Kids love to see parents play too so don’t just watch. We all had such a wonderful day outside together, doing all of the activities, disconnected from our screens and simply enjoying every bit of the farm activities. 
thomas dairy farm and market

9. Prepare for port-o-potties. This is a working family farm so unless they are letting you into their home for a restroom break, port-o-potties are the only option. They do have a hand sanitizer station. Bring items with you to clean up! We always pack some baggies with soapy water and rags and leave them in the car in case we need them. 

10. They take credit cards. This place is so awesomely authentic but they are up to speed on mobile pay. So, you don’t have to worry about carrying around a bunch of cash if you don’t want to! For 2020, there will be opportunities to pay online before you go. 

thomas dairy farm and market

Thomas Dairy Farm and Market is located at 4625 Leitchfield Rd. in Cecilia, Kentucky. For more information their Facebook page

thomas dairy farm and market Dates: Saturday, September 16th- Saturday, November 4th **if inclement weather, we will close**

Hours: Monday-Saturday 10am-6pm EST **Extended hours begin Friday, September 29th and continue every Friday and Saturday until October 28th. Friday and Saturday hours then 10am-11pm EST**

Sunday- 11am-6pm EST


Location: 4625 Leitchfield Rd Cecilia, KY 42724

Just outside of Elizabethtown, KY – 45 minutes from Louisville, KY


4625 Leitchfield Rd

Cecilia, KY 42724

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