Zoneton Fire Santa Truck Route


Zoneton Fire Protection District is bringing Santa to so many neighborhoods around Louisville

Zoneton Fire Santa Route

See their holiday fire truck drive through Louisville streets to spread holiday cheer and big smiles to many many kids and families. 

Zoneton Fire Santa Truck Route

The Zoneton Fire Santa Truck Route is back for 2023. Their previous Grinch theme and the truck looked fabulous. Be sure to shout a big THANK YOU to them when you see them drive through your neighborhood. What a wonderful dedication to community through the joy they will create.

Zoneton Fire Santa Truck Route

This first district is known for their holiday magic that they deliver via an amazing decorated fire truck. Imagine stepping outside and your kids seeing this incredible fire truck inch by in all of it’s lit glory, SO MUCH FUN!

And, if they are not coming to your neighborhood, the Zoneton Fire Santa Truck Route is online so you can find a spot to go see them on a date that works for you. It’s all organized! So you’re kids are not disappointed, they also let you know if Santa will be visiting as well on specific dates….you need to know that first for sure.

Zoneton Fire Santa Truck Route

The Zoneton Fire Santa Truck Route starts on November 30, 2023. They will be out and about mostly on Fridays and Saturdays but there are some other dates scattered throughout the week. The best thing to do I found is to use Control+F on their PDF and search your own road, neighborhood, or roads nearby. If you don’t find anything, then try doing some scans of the document to see if you recognize anything. It’s organized alphabetically by street and you can’t resort that because it’s a PDF. 


You can also follow on their website – they said for 2023 they are posting updates HERE

Zoneton Fire Santa Truck Route

Tips from Zoneton Fire for being SAFE while enjoying their gorgeous truck and Santa visits:

  • The Santa truck is wide and needs all the room they can get. Parking on both sides of a subdivision street could be a problem.


  • They need lots of room to turn. If you are at an intersection, please stay at least 3-4 car lengths back so they can manage the turn.


  • Please, please do not follow the procession. They will go down dead-end streets occasionally. When the Santa truck comes back, you’ll get a face-full of bright lights. On top of that, the Santa truck can’t move over to let you pass due to road width.


  • If they won’t be on your street, parking lots are a good place to see the truck.


Click here to see the Zoneton Fire Santa Truck Route


The Zoneton Fire Santa Truck Route is awesome, but are you looking for more holiday fun? Click here.

Photos from the Zoneton Facebook page

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