Glow Worm Play Cafe


Is there a place for young children to play while you relax in a café setting?

Yes, there is such a place! Glow Worm Play Café has the perfect combination of fun and relaxation.

Glow Worm Play Café has two location. One is in the Highlandsand the other is in Beachmont. Glow Worm created an area that offers a combined space for children six and under to play while caretakers can enjoy a café setting as well. The bright, open, 2,000 square foot play lounge in the highlands location is a place where not only your kids will be asking to return to, but you will too. 


Play sessions are two hours on the weekend and an hour and half during the week. They can be easily booked online. Glow Worm Play Café is very conscious of providing a safe, healthy space by limiting capacity numbers to 20 children. There is a 30-minute break between play sessions to allow for proper cleaning. Shoes are also discarded at the entrance to the lounge which especially helps with cleanliness. This goes for kids and adults. 

The Glow Worm Play Café lounge has a great range of play areas perfect for young children to explore independently or with an adult. The area is not overwhelmed with clutter and there’s room for runners, walkers, toddlers, scooters and crawlers. The playground structures are the perfect height and allow children to climb, slide and swing. 

Children love to scoot around the lounge to get from one play structure to another. The marketplace area has lots of different play food options to spark the imagination of your child.

A smaller, enclosed space is offered for children 2 and under. It has softer, appropriate toys for the littles.  Admission is free for children 6 months and under and free for those 12 months and under with a paid sibling. There are several play options on their website to fit all needs. They also offer three different membership types. 

Glow Worm Play Café really thought of it all when it comes to accommodating children and caretakers. There is a nice, cozy area for caretakers to nurse or feed babies. Equipped with a rocker, pillows and cleaning supplies, the area is still within the lounge, so no one has to stop playing. The restrooms are also conveniently located near the play lounge.

The café area is separate from the play lounge, but visitors are welcomed and encouraged to place an order and enjoy it in the play lounge. During our visit, I started with a Miel latte and was able to sit and enjoy it in one of the many booths in the play lounge. Served in a beautiful ceramic mug, it was nice feeling like I was in an adult space too. I noticed that the music playing in the play lounge was also a perfect combo of children’s music and genres that caretakers would enjoy.

The Glow Worm Play Café has several drink options for adults and children. There are also plenty of baked goods and treats. Staggeringly Delicious provides all of the homemade goodies for Glow Worm Café. It is difficult to make a choice because everything looks divine. Choose from mini-muffins, pop-tarts, scones, pastries, cookies, brownies and more. Another great aspect to Glow Worm Café is that after placing our snack order, one of the employees warmed it up for us and brought it to us in the play lounge so the playing didn’t need to stop. There are several tables in the café area too if you want to eat or drink in there. 

There are a few light lunch and snack options available.  Water is conveniently ready on the cafe’s counter for visitors to grab as they play or refill sippy cups. It’s easy to grab a snack or drink, return to the play lounge, choose one of the retro booths, sit on the couch or at one of the tabletops. There’s plenty of space for everyone and all ages. Highchairs are also available in the play lounge. 

Glow Worm Play Café also has an event space and currently offers party options. Take a look at their Facebook page to see photos of just how creative and fun the party room can be. Always watch their Facebook page for special events too. 

The vision of creating a space that offers community for adults and children truly shines at Glow Worm Play Café.  With plans of continuing to expand class offerings, potential camp options and more, the community will only increase at Glow Worm Play Café. 

Glow Worm Play Cafe Highlands is located at 962 Barret Avenue Louisville, KY 40204 and Glow Worm PLay Cafe Beeachmont 304 W Woodlawn Ave 40214

Also, you can always drop in for a little something from the café.  No play session required to enjoy a Miel latte. 


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