The Best Places for Sledding in Louisville


Sledding in Louisville

Everyone is looking for sledding in Louisville with the snow on the way or what is on the ground. There are several best places to sled in Louisville.

Winter is really upon us with crisp air and snowy nights! Growing up in NY, I loved to sled but our yard was flat so sledding had to take place elsewhere. Problem was, in NY, when it snowed, IT SNOWED and there was no way my parents were driving us out in the snow so we had to wait a day to let the road get cleared and then snow.

But, with 2-3 inches of snow in Louisville, the roads can clear quicker and be safe for traveling and people can hit a great hill in the area for sledding!

Where to go sledding in Louisville? There are many places!

Louisville Metro Parks has designated sledding areas. These areas are really popular for locals and have hills that are perfect for picking up speed on the snow.

Bring your sleds and put on all of the layers so you can spend more time out on the hills. When looking for the best sledding in Louisville, know that some of these places are popular.

It is always great to not leave anything behind. Keep it clean for the next family to come have fun.

For example, if your sled breaks, do not simply leave it there!

Sledding safety tips:

  • Maintain good visibility of where you are going.
  • Check your path and stay clear of trees or other obstructions.
  • Don’t sled head-first or standing up.
  • Don’t face backwards, and make sure your vision isn’t blocked by clothing.
  • Stay to the sides of the hills when climbing back up to get out of the way of sledders.

Remember, slopes can become very crowded during peak times so safety is important.

Louisville Metro Parks designated sledding hills

From their website:

  • Cherokee Park (Baringer Hill, intersection of Alexander Road and Scenic Loop)
  • George Rogers Clark Park (1024 Thruston Avenue, behind playground, near McKinley Avenue)
  • Joe Creason Park (1297 Trevilian Way, behind Metro Parks administration building. This park was closed last winter for sledding. No update on their website for 2021.
  • McNeely Lake Park (6900 Cooper Chapel Road, near Korean War Memorial)
  • Charlie Vettiner Park  (5550 Charlie Vettiner Park Road, near Easum Road entrance)
  • Tyler Park (1501 Castlewood Avenue, on Tyler Park Drive side of park)

Cherokee Park is likely the most popular sledding hill in town. There are other places people sled but some are private property. It is best to stick to the areas on which you know you are allowed to sled.

You better be ready for a workout! Once you go down, you have to get back up and some of these hills are really nice and steep or long. 

They also have some basic rules about sledding posted on their website:

Sledding on golf courses is not permitted

Sledding is permitted on designated sledding hills only when the “Sledding Hill Open” sign is displayed.

Sledding hills will be open daily from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. as long as there is adequate snow to protect slopes (~3inches).

All sledding hills will close at 11 p.m.
Park vehicles only on pavement in regular parking areas to protect your car from damage.

Those who use the designated sledding hills are doing so at their own risk

Please pick up your trash or use the designated trash bins for waste removal – or take trash with you as you leave. No vehicles are permitted off the pavement in any park.
No alcoholic beverages are permitted at any time.

sledding in Louisville

There’s also snowtubing and skiing at Paoli Peaks or Perfect North in Southern Indiana

Readers on Facebook and Twitter recommend:

Creasey Mahan Nature Preserve – there are hills near the back entrance to the trails next to the playground area that are steep for sledding!

Also, one reader said that in Southern Indiana, the Riverfront in New Albany is great! Readers also recommend Hounz Lane Park!

From the above list given by the Metro Parks, there are readers who have been sledding in Louisville pretty much recommend all of them so go for it!

Check the WLKY weather site so you can follow to track the snowfall and temps.

Enjoy the snow!

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