Alberta O. Jones Park


New Park in Louisville, Kentucky

Alberta O. Jones Park offers a brand new playground!

For parents seeking a peaceful retreat in the heart of Louisville, Alberta O. Jones Park is a haven that offers family-friendly activities. Named after the inspiring civil rights activist, Alberta O. Jones, this park invites parents to explore its natural beauty and engage in recreational fun.
Alberta O, Jones Park
Alberta O. Jones Park is a great destination for parents looking to sit in the sunshine or play with their families. The playground is a mix of structures that really will be fun for older kids as well as toddlers and preschoolers. We hope you will check it out!
Alberta O. Jones Park
Honoring Alberta O. Jones:
The park pays homage to Alberta O. Jones, a trailblazer in civil rights who left an indelible mark on Louisville. Her legacy is celebrated in this green space, reminding parents of the positive impact one person can have on a community. According to the Louisville Parks Alliance website, she was “the first Black women to pass the Kentucky Bar exam and opened a practice in Louisville at 2018 West Broadway just blocks from the site of the new park.”
Address: 717 South 23rd St 40211
Alberta O. Jones Park offers meandering walking trails surrounded by trees to create a lovely space to spend an afternoon or morning playing. It’s an ideal setting for parents to take a break, reconnect with nature, or enjoy a relaxing family picnic. Everyone is always looking for a new playground to explore in Louisville so head to this one next time you have a sunny day. There is street parking and it’s free. Bathrooms as well, yay!
Active families will appreciate the brand-new playground at Alberta O. Jones Park. It opening in 2023 and has equipment for all ages. They have a giant slide, so much for climbing, plenty of space, and unique playground equipment that combines music with play. The colors are so bright, it’s really inviting. When you pull up, your kids are going to be so excited to run and play. 
Alberta O. Jones Park

Exercise stations


Multipurpose field

Outdoor classroom

Pavilions (2)



Walking path


Alberta O. Jones Park

The park serves as a community gathering spot. Throughout the year, look for various events and celebrations bringing families together. Alberta O. Jones Park is a wonderful new addition for outdoor fun for Louisville families. While you are there, be sure to see the Alberta Jones Photomosaic Mural. Love the art that is there alongside the playground. 

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